The left-wing activist's 12 Days of Christmas

In the great Aussie tradition of poking a bit of fun, we hope you enjoy this daily countdown with a light-hearted look at some of the battles fought by crazy PC left-wing activists over the past year.

On their own they may not seem like a big deal, but collectively they add up to a determined, incremental march through our traditions, institutions and way of life.

Feel free to share these with your friends and family. And let them know Advance Australia is pushing back against this PC nonsense.

On the twelfth day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: "They Day" on Wednesdays

Yes – “They Day” is now actually a thing. The Victorian Department of Health and Human services this year decided to set aside the first Wednesday of each month as a day for Departmental staff to practice using the gender-neutral pronoun.

So staff are encouraged to use the word “they” instead of “she” and “he” – presumably when referring to colleagues and clients.

SBS Reported:

A DHSS spokeswoman defended the initiative, telling SBS News it was "proud to be an inclusive workplace".

In the video, Dr Son Vivienne, a post-doctoral research fellow at RMIT University, said the campaign would benefit everyone.

“For me, I feel happy when people refer to me as ‘they’ because it feels true to myself," they said.

“I think we can all benefit from using gender-neutral pronouns. I think the space to imagine yourself without the constrictions of either masculinity or femininity are huge.

"For children, in particular, the potential to grow and be rich and complex people who are different selves on different days is also one of the things I like about ‘they’.”

Referring to a child as “they” so “they” can be “different selves on different days” sounds like a downright confusing situation to inflict on any child.

And once again, by implying that “gender neutrality” is the gold-standard in fairness, the message very clearly is that gender specific language and ideas are inherently unfair. It’s the latest vanguard of the left-wing activists and PC police … so expect to see more in the coming year.

It also neatly brings us back to our very first day of Christmas – the gender-fluid “Person Christmas” that the left-wing activists want to gift us with!  No thanks!

On behalf of everyone at Advance Australia, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’re excited that 2019 will be a year of pushing back the PC-tide and providing a common-sense voice for mainstream Australians.

On the eleventh day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: School Skirts are Outlawed

We’re all for choice.

But this year a growing number of schools, including some in Australia, banned the option of a skirt/dress as part of their school uniform for girls.

A School Principal in the UK explained:

‘The reason for the uniform change initially is about equality, and decency …

It is a gender neutral uniform, and we’ve thought carefully about that, ensuring that it was gender neutral.

We have transgender students in the school and we have an increasing number of students who are at that crossroads of understanding around their gender.

So this uniform removes the need for anyone to make a decision about whether they wear a so-called male or female uniform.

This emerging trend is part of a deliberate strategy to equate gender neutrality with “fairness” (and thereby anything that is gender-specific is inherently unfair). So skirts are obviously oppressive in nature. Riiight.

Putting aside the denial of obvious biological differences between genders, there’s something very unsettling and Orwellian about the demands from those on the left for absolute conformity and uniformity. 

There’s nothing fair about forcing girls to wear a boy’s uniform – one could almost describe it as “patriarchal”.

Whatever happened to Vive la difference?

On the tenth day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: No Scary Stories

Most of us can remember the scary or dark stories that captured our imagination as kids – or at least how they made us feel.  It’s part of the process of growing up and helps us learn to rationally deal with fear. We come to realise that being scared is just another emotion in the broad range of human experience and we learn how to handle it.

In fact, many children thrive on it – evidenced by the popularity of series such as “Goosebumps” and Lemony Snickett. Not to mention that the beloved “Harry Potter” has a wide range of evil and dangerous characters from Voldemort to the shadowy Dementors.

But political correctness is proving to be even more threatening than scary things – and could in fact lead to their demise. reported earlier this year:

Witches, ghouls, goblins and things going bump in the night are no longer haunting children’s books as publishers lose the plot, dumbing down and sanitising stories — and young readers are missing out.

Sydney-born author and past Children’s Book Council of Australia award winner Elizabeth Fensham warned this week that political correctness was growing in the industry.

“If it was going to be absolutely terrifying, I can see editors saying ‘no, don’t do that’,” she said.

“I think political correctness is growing and ultimately it could be a real problem.

“My father had a book from the 1800s called Cautionary Tales — they were hideous stories. I was totally enthralled by them and they didn’t traumatise me. They were horrible but tickled your fancy in a way,” Ms Fensham said.

The removal of scary characters from children’s literature and film is becoming all pervasive. Even the Grinch, who previously stole Christmas, is apparently now all sensitive and apologetic in the new film.

The fact is, there are good life lessons to be learnt from many of the stories deemed “too scary” by the PC brigade.

After all, Max stared down the scary, wild things to ultimately become their king – only to realise the love of his family was more powerful than anything.

On the ninth day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: Disney is Censored

Disney’s classic “The Little Mermaid” has been a favourite of children and parents alike since its release nearly 30 years ago.  But this year, feminists have called for one of the most loved songs from the film, “Kiss the Girl”, to be banned because it “allegedly promotes sexual assault”.

And an all-male acapella group, the Princeton Tigertones at Princeton University, were recently forced to stop performing the song - which had been a longstanding tradition for them.

Critics who forced the change said:

“The song launches a heteronormative attack on women’s right to oppose the romantic and sexual liberties taken by men, further inundating the listener with themes of toxic masculinity.”

And “is more misogynistic and dismissive of consent than cute”

Ummm.  Perhaps these activists might like to check their outrage and take a closer look at the context of the song in the story arc (which they no doubt disapprove of anyway). 

The song is actually an expression of the lead female mermaid character Ariel’s desire – not the Prince, who is the target of her affections.  Strictly speaking, he is the one being “coerced” by Ariel’s friend (a talking Caribbean-accented crab).

But seriously folks, it’s a playful, harmless song about the eternal dance of love. Watch and enjoy.

As far as lyrics that disrespect women go - turn on the radio and you’ll hear so much worse, including from artists who are darlings of the left!

On the eighth day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: ALL CAPS are frightening

In a classic case of how words are being weaponised and our places of higher learning are effectively being turned into kindergartens, a University has actually told staff not to use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS because “they frighten sensitive students”.

The use of “do” and “don’t” has similarly been discouraged lest they lead to student “anxiety”.

It’s a reflection of a growing trend on University campuses in Australia and across the world – the demand that they become “safe spaces” for students, which has resulted in creeping totalitarian-style suppression of free speech and thought.

Recently the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA)  released its annual “Free Speech on Campus Audit”. It confirmed what many students, their parents and friends have long suspected – they’re under increasing pressure to conform to “group think” as universities introduce policies restricting free speech on campus.

You can read more about the decline of free speech here.

It’s little wonder that the term “snowflake” was coined to describe the sensibilities of so many of today’s campus “radicals”. 

We don’t get much snow at Christmas in Australia, but our University campuses are increasingly being wrapped in a blanket of white all year round!

On the seventh day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: Mum and Dad's Offensive 

Yep.  No less than Australia’s national airline QANTAS decided this year that the use of the terms “mum” and “dad” are now offensive because they “can make many families feel excluded”.

Also out are other gender-specific terms like “husband” and “wife” - which “can reinforce the idea that people are always in heterosexual relationships”.

These new PC guidelines for staff were part of an “information package” that was sent out to airline employees by People and Culture group executive Lesley Grant ahead of the company’s Spirit of Inclusion month.  They were distributed as “suggestions, but we wonder how long before they become compulsory - mandated words or enforced speech?

Apparently, the material was put together by the Diversity Council of Australia which is chaired by David Morrison.

This is the same group who put together the most cringe-worthy video of the year in which Mr Morrison explains how words “cut people out or cut them down”. Quite ironically we note he uses the term “Dad” to counterbalance the “sexist” use of “Mum” in the video!  This gives you an idea of how fast crazy left-wing activists are moving on this front.

As the closing line of the video illustrates, it’s ever so easy to get caught in your own net of rules when you start policing ordinary language as “offensive”!

BTW – that video is not a parody.

On the sixth day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: BBQ Smoke Banned

In a stunning display of nanny-state nit-picking, draft laws proposed in Tasmania could result in locals copping a $1,600 fine for emitting smoke from a backyard BBQ.

How’s this for draconian and proscriptive? From the legislation

(1) A person must not cause, or allow, a heating appliance, an outdoor heating or cooking appliance or a fireplace to emit smoke that –

(a) is visible for a continuous period of 10 minutes or more; and

(b) during that continuous 10-minute period, is visible for a continuous period of 30 seconds or more

(i) in the case of a heating appliance or fireplace in a building, or part of a building – at a distance of 10 metres or more from the point on the building, or part of the building, where the smoke is emitted; or

(ii) in the case of a heating appliance or outdoor heating or cooking appliance or fireplace that is not in a building, or part of a building – at a distance of 10 metres or more from the point where the smoke is emitted.

So if your BBQ emits just 30 seconds of continuous smoke, visible from 10 metres, you’re a criminal. Expect a knock on your door from the “smoke police”! This is just more crazy stuff.

Better Homes and Gardens describe it as “simply un-Australian”.

We say – let’s fire up the Barbie this Christmas, enjoy a great Aussie tradition and tell left-wing activists to go blow smoke out of … somewhere else!

On the fifth day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: No More Apu

After 28 years on our TV screens as one of a cast of central characters on The Simpsons, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the affable Indian Kwik-E-mart proprietor, appears to have been run out of the town of Springfield because he is a “racial stereotype”.

As Australian commentator Rita Panahi put it:

Apparently, the stereotypes underpinning his character including his adorable accent offend the perpetually offended.

Never mind that every character on The Simpsons is a stereotype and Apu is arguably the most positive stereotype on the show. He is a hardworking family man, a law-abiding small business owner who has successfully assimilated into US society while maintaining many of the customs of his homeland. Apu is a good example of why Indian-Americans are the highest earning ethnic group in the US; they work hard and succeed.

If you’ve watched The Simpsons at all you’d know that Apu is among the most likeable and wise of the Springfield inhabitants.

However, demands for his character to be removed have reached fever pitch this year with the release of comedian Hari Kondabolu’s documentary “The Problem With Apu”. As a result of ongoing pressure the actor who voices the character, Hank Azaria, offered to “step aside”.

Apu’s demise was reported in October on

After months of controversy surrounding the racial treatment of beloved The Simpsons character Apu, one of the show’s producers has revealed the character will be axed.

“I’ve verified from multiple sources now: They’re going to drop the Apu character altogether,” producer Adi Shankar has told IndiWire.

“They aren’t going to make a big deal out of it, or anything like that, but they’ll drop him altogether just to avoid the controversy,” Shankar said.

While other writers on the Show have denied that Apu has been “written out”, it’s likely that his character will simply not be required for future episodes – such is the pervasive pressure of the left.

Rita Panahi summed it up well:

“Comedy great Mel Brooks was right when he warned that our “stupidly politically correct” culture would be “the death of comedy”.”

On the fourth day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: Anti-Coal Carols

We don’t mind a cheeky re-write of a Christmas Carol for a bit of fun, or even to make a point – evidenced by our own 12 Days.

But a whole song-book of rewritten traditional Carols aimed at demonising coal seems a bit dour and decidedly anti-festive. And, given Carols are particularly enjoyed by children, it’s yet another attempt to politically indoctrinate (and scare) the next generation.

Carols Against Coal” is the brainchild of a group called the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) and they’re encouraging people to sing these Carols ahead of the ALP National conference this weekend in the hope of forcing Labor into an even more hard-line position on energy policy.

And if you think it won’t catch on, think again. The Weekend Australian reported:

Darebin Council in Melbourne’s north, which has four Greens councillors among its nine members, hosted an event last week featuring many of the Carols Against Coal, and the Pitt Street Uniting Church Choir in Sydney has recently sung the altered Joy To The World — “Cool down the world, the time has come, for targets tight and fair”.

Other “inspirational” lyrics include:

(To the tune of O come all ye faithful)

O come all ye miners.

Come and dig up Queensland.

The Galilee's waiting for your heavy machines.

Where will you burn coal?

Renewables are coming.


Or this toe tapper:

(To Away in a Manager)

Away in the Arctic, the glaciers melt;

the ice turns to water. The warming is felt

by bears on their ice floes drifting off where they’re blown;

disconnected from food stocks, poor bears, all alone.


And of course, they see nothing holy about Silent Night:

Silent night, smoky night,

coal fired power, coal fired light.

Governments have failed us now.

Politicians, they don’t know how.

Still coal exports go on, still coal exports go on.

Hmmmm. We would have thought that a Religious-based organisation would be a bit more circumspect about removing Christ from traditional Christmas Carols in order to use them for political purposes. 

There’s even a whole carol devoted to the Federal Minister for Resources, with the charming line: “Profit o'er the earth his plea, we’re the ones he’s screwing.”

How charming and so very festive. 

And of course these virtuous anti-coal carollers will then head home, turn on their Christmas lights, charge up their iPhones and enjoy their coal-powered festivities!

On the third day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: Mr Men Wrong

If you’re thinking of buying one of those cute little “Mr Men” or “Little Miss” books as a gift this Christmas – think again.  Far from being a series of cartoon stories that have delighted little kids for decades, they are apparently a hotbed of sexist stereotypes.

Yes – an academic has slammed the book series as “sexist” and said it “portrays female characters as less powerful”.

From earlier this year:

“British researcher Madeleine Pownall …. spent several months studying the books for signs of sexism. She found, in addition to male characters being given an average of 12 extra words, the Little Miss characters needed to be “saved” more than half the time while the Mr Men characters only needed saving one third of the time.

The study claims even the names of some characters, like Little Miss Bossy might play to gender stereotypes.”


Everything about the “Mr Men” and “Little Miss” series is exaggerated – that’s what makes the characters memorable and unique. It also teaches children about personality traits, emotions and how to deal with them.

And importantly, in an ever-crowed primary school curriculum, they actually help parents teach their children how to read.

It also make you wonder how “Mr Tickle” would fare these days.

On the second day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: Reindeer bullies

The hugely popular children’s Christmas carol “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” is now apparently offensive and damaging because it “promotes” bullying.

Critics always seem to leave out the fact that it’s a tale of triumph over bullying where Rudolph’s “difference” actually proves to be an asset to all.  Surely it’s a “diversity” success story?

This year a tweet by New York’s Huffington Post described the 1964 holiday movie based on the carol as “seriously problematic”. It has reignited debate and led to a social media storm about how it promotes bullying and bigotry.

The movie was made in 1964.  Like many songs, movies and books it reflects the sensibilities of the time it was created, rather than the social values of today. We think it’s dangerous to ban or cleanse culture on the basis of what is considered “acceptable” today.

Plus folks, it’s a fictional cartoon! About a song that is ultimately a feel-good tale and a joyous part of Christmas. And kids love singing it.

Lighten up lefties (like Rudolph’s nose perhaps).

On the first day of Christmas left-wing activists gave to me: A Santa who's now PC

Believe it or not, there have been calls for “Father Christmas” to be renamed “Person Christmas”. That’s literally as “PC” as you can get!

As reported this time last year:

He’s the face of Christmas and someone children around the world have loved for centuries, but now people are calling for jolly old Father Christmas (aka Santa Claus) to be renamed.

As the concept of gender fluidity, the idea that our gender identities are not fixed and that people may identify as a mix of both male and female, has become more mainstream, it has sparked a whole new debate on social media: namely that Santa Claus should be gender fluid.

At face value, it might be hard to see “Person Christmas” catching on. (And we’re not sure where that leaves Mrs Claus?)

Given the push to expunge historical figures, it’s not surprising that the undoubtedly male historical figure Saint Nicholas, upon whom “Santa” is based, is a target of the left.

It would all be laughable – except the odd thing about what most of us would consider “fringe” social media debates is they are often first indicators of future policy direction.

The “canary in the coal mine” so to speak.

Speaking of coal – we can’t imagine that Person Christmas (PC) would ever contemplate putting coal in the stockings of children who have made the naughty list!  

After all, both the use of coal and any objective assessment of children according to their behaviour are inherently evil practices.

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