Help keep our nation strong, fair and free

With the election now behind us, our everyday war rages on: the fight for the preservation and protection of Australian values and freedoms.

Make no mistake – GetUp! and other radical left-wing organisations aren’t going anywhere. It’s just a matter of time before they retaliate with their signature brute force.

We’ve got to be ready for them.

Now is the time to double our efforts on the back of our success and momentum to ensure that we are an even stronger, more effective and efficient voice for mainstream Australians. 

The newly formed government must be held to account on the issues that matter – a fair go for all Aussies, and taking back control from left-wing organisations hijacking our country.

Your gift will help build an important End of Financial Year $150,000 Fighting Fund by 30 June – to amplify your voice for a fair go to ensure freedom, economic stability, and security in Australia.

Please give generously today to keep our nation strong, fair and free.

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