NOT Zero

They call it 'Net Zero' … but there is a cost ... and you’re the one who’ll pay. All sides of politics have been infected with this woke climate hysteria. Instead of representing everyday Aussies like you, our politicians have chosen to pander to big business and inner-city elites. That includes Peter Dutton and the Coalition. It’s time for mainstream Australians to stand up and tell them what we want.

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Women in Sport

Goal: 15,000 SIGNATURES

Get your voice out front and centre through this petition to ban ‘trans women’ – biological men! – from women’s sport. Your signature on this petition will help rattle the woke politicians and bureaucrats in Canberra and push for action. You’ll help tell them that a person cannot change their biological sex by undergoing surgery or experimental hormone replacement therapy. Biological men cannot be allowed to compete against women in sport. It’s just not fair. Sign this petition to ‘red card’ the gender-nutters before more innocent women get hurt.

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Power Up Australia

Goal: 12,500 SIGNATURES

It’s time to POWER UP and run our nation on nuclear energy. Not only is nuclear the cheapest energy for households and business, it’s also the cleanest: it’s still the only proven source of emissions-free baseload power. It’s a nation-building project the entire country can get behind. We need to call on politicians from across the divide to come together and get this done. Sign the petition today to put nuclear front and centre!

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Your Voice

As a movement that represents the Australian majority, ADVANCE has the power to put your voice out front so you're heard. It then influences policy and removes far-left control, so that together, we see our nation centred again on the the freedom of mainstream values.

Our Story

Why Advance?

Putting it boldy, extremism on both sides is a grave threat to our nation and our legacy. Advance is amplifying your voice out front so together we are heard. Together we can restore the balance and ensure we are once again centred on the mainstream Australian values of freedom, security and prosperity.


From the way woke politicians and the inner city elites carry on, you’d never guess Australia is a free country. ADVANCE is putting your voice front and centre so they keep their hands off the liberty the Anzacs fought and died for.


From the threat of Islamic terrorism to the spectre of the expansionist Chinese Communist Party, the world is growing more dangerous by the day. To keep you and your family safe ADVANCE is fighting for a bigger military with the weapons to match.


For the mainstream Australian trying to get ahead, there’s already enough standing in your way without woke politicians and bureaucrats making it even tougher. Whether it’s fighting for tried and true industries with well-paid jobs or an even break for small business, ADVANCE is putting you front and centre.

Help re-centre Australia to restore the balance

You can help restore balance, by re-centring our nation on what the majority of Australians need and want: Freedom, Security and Prosperity.


Your Support Will Keep Australia Strong, Fair and Free!

Fund the fight today by bringing your voice and values front and centre. Because it’s time to restore the balance and stop the radical left!