Aboriginal activists want you to pay ‘weekly rent’ for ‘living on their land’

You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

Inner-city Indigenous activists are now demanding Aussie homeowners start paying them “weekly rent” for “living on their land”.

How much will this cost you?

Well under the model proposed by the activists, one per cent of your weekly wages should go to the local Indigenous “mob”.

…and assuming the median Australian employee's earnings is $1250 per week, you can expect to pay $650 every year, in what is a massive new tax. 

Will this be the first policy pushed by Albo’s Voice to Parliament if it gets up?

Judging by the scheme’s supporters, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Renowned “Aboriginal rights activist” Robbie Thorpe says the rent scheme is “a rational, reasonable, responsible means of reconciling 200 years of unchecked genocide, as far as I'm concerned”.

Famous feminist activist, Clementine Ford, reckons you “need to stop paying lip service to decolonisation and start paying the rent to the first nations people”.

Author and Indigenous activist Luke Currie-Richardson said they can “fund our own health, our own education, our own housing” with the funds from the tax.

Meanwhile Senator Lidia Thorpe – the nuttiest politician in Australian history – said, “pay the rent from grassroots for grassroots. No strings attached to government agenda. It assists sovereign grassroots fight the many campaigns and struggles we face everyday.”

But that’s not enough for them.

Nope, the new Indigenous tax won’t just impact home owners.

According to the activists’ website, rents for weddings could be calculated at one per cent of the total cost of a wedding.

Given the average Australian wedding costing $54,000 to run, local traditional owners could receive a rent payment of $540 for each wedding.

The same will go for musical festivals and other big events.

We bet they’ll even want you to pay up for funerals.

Forget campaigning for the rights of young Indigenous women in Alice Springs who are being beaten and raped every day.

Forget about campaigning for lower taxes and red tape, so Indigenous businesses can grow and expand and employ more people.

Forget about advocating for grog bans and cashless debit cards so families are protected from alcohol and drug abuse.

Who cares about that, right?

These activists just want money.

They want a cushy job on Albo’s Indigenous Voice.

In other words?

It’s just money and power…and the only way they can get their way is if they keep running down our country, its history and its people.

This is why we need to fight against the Voice.

Australians must stand up against any dangerous attempt to divide us by race.