Advisory Council

Advance Australia is a not-for-profit public movement. As a political campaigner under Commonwealth Electoral law, Advance Australia is independent of all political parties, religious organisations or institutions, unions and or business.  As the voice of mainstream Australians on the issues that matter most, we ensure that mainstream Australians get a fair go.

Members of the Advisory Council share their talents by providing Advance Australia with their expertise; their diverse knowledge and different perspectives. The members of the Advisory Council have no formal governance responsibilities but act as Ambassadors for Advance Australia and their views represent their thoughts and knowledge, unless expressly acting as a spokesperson. 

Dr David Adler

David is a highly respected leader within Australia’s Jewish community. A medical doctor by profession, David is the former Deputy Medical Secretary of the Australian Medical Association and is passionate about public policy and advocacy. David is currently the President of the Australian Jewish Association. He is an ardent supporter of free speech, national security, religious freedom, family values and smaller government.

Dr Maurice L Newman AC
Maurice Newman AC is the former Chairman of Deutsche Bank Australia & New Zealand, Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), and Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and Chancellor of Macquarie University.  His career spans over 50 years in stockbroking and investment banking. Maurice has chaired a number of Asian business alliances and has been an adviser to Australian governments, State and Federal.

Maurice is currently Chairman of Melon Pastoral Pty Ltd; M Value Capital Advisory Board; Chamber of Australia-India Trade & Investment (CAITI); Macquarie University Foundation; Taronga Foundation; Bradman Foundation; and The Australian Fathers’ Day Council.  He is a Director of O’Connell Street Associates Pty Limited; Senior Corporate Advisor to the Marsh & McLennan Companies; Trustee, Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust; Patron of CEDA; and Member of the ADC Advisory Council. He was appointed Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council in 2013; and Honorary Professor in Public Diplomacy at the Soft Power Advocacy & Research Centre, Macquarie University in September 2012.

Sean Jacobs

Sean is a proud Papua New Guinean Australian with a passion for International Relations.

Sean is also a security specialist and policy expert, having worked for Australia’s National Security Adviser and as a lead planner for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the Brisbane G20 Leaders’ Summit. He is a former Liberal National Brisbane City Council election candidate, United Nations worker, international youth volunteer, and national water polo champion. Sean is the recent author of his first book Winners Don't Cheat (Connor Court Publishing, 2018).

Kerry Wakefield

Kerry is a passionate supporter of free speech, honest reporting and fresh ideas, and a keen student of the culture wars playing out across the West. As a mother to three adult children, Kerry cares deeply about Australia’s future and ensuring the continuation of mainstream, Judaeo-Christian values. She is a former journalist and author and runs the blog site - She is married to a former Liberal Party MP.

Sam Kennard

Sam is a highly talented and skilled businessman, employing over 250 people across 90 locations in Australia and New Zealand. As Chief Executive Officer, Sam has grown Kennards Self Storage into a household name from its humble beginnings in 1973.  Sam is a Director of the Centre for Independent Studies, a highly respected independent public policy research organisation established in 1976 operating from Sydney. Sam is a former candidate for the Liberal Democratic Party in New South Wales. He believes that individuals are best placed to control how they live their lives; and that low taxes, small government, free markets and personal freedom are the best pathway to human flourishing.


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