ASIO: ‘senior people in this country believe foreign interference is no big deal’

Australia is in trouble and our elites couldn’t care less.

According to the Director-General of ASIO – Australia’s national security agency – “more Australians are being targeted for espionage and foreign interference than at any time in Australia's history”.

“This means ASIO is busier than ever before,” he said.

“Busier than any time in our 74-year history. Busier than the Cold War; busier than 9/11; busier than the height of the caliphate."

The worst part?

ASIO says “individuals in business, academia and the bureaucracy have told me ASIO should ease up its operational responses to avoid upsetting foreign regimes.”

In other words, many influential Australians want ASIO to be easy on foreign spies – most likely so their businesses that rely on CCP money don’t suffer.

Can you believe this stuff?

Name and shame, them ASIO!

These people are traitors and should not be running our institutions of national significance.

Liberal Senator James Patterson is on your side.

He says the “comment that ASIO had come under pressure from business figures, those in universities, and even in the government to back down on taking up the fight against these spies was an enormously significant disclosure”.

“No one is saying to him go soft on Russian spies, no one is saying to him go soft on North Korean Spies, no one is saying to him go soft on Iranian spies,” he said.

“Clearly what these people would have been saying is go soft on spies from China because they’re worried about the bilateral relationship and particularly the economic and trade relationship.”

Good on you, mate!

Our elites don’t care about this country.

They just see it as a vessel for them to make easy money.

Our universities are willing to debase their standard of education to make a quick buck off international students.

Our property developers are willing to take CCP money to expand their cheap high-rise developments that are hollowing out our cities and suburbs.

Our energy companies are willing to buy China-made solar panels and wind turbines instead of building coal-fired power plants or nuclear reactors that would be fuelled by Australian coal and uranium.

And our government and bureaucrats are so lazy and apathetic, that they won’t do anything about it.

They won’t stand up to the Chinese government because they fear being called racist.

They won’t stand up to the Chinese government because they know they’ve made this country so reliant on them, that pushing back would lead to economic ruin.

And they won’t stand up to the Chinese government because it’s clear Beijing is spying on many of our leaders, and likely have compromising information on them that is holding them back from doing what’s right.

This is the state of Australia.

We need real leaders to save this joint before it's too late.