Curb the Climate Commies

Climate change fanaticism is proving to be the 21st century’s socialism.

It’s time to Curb the Climate Commies.

Wealth distribution in the name of polar bears is not on.

Bringing our cities to a standstill in a bid to strongarm our government is not on.

Decrying our nation’s sources of prosperity – oil, gas, coal, mining – is not on.

There’s no satisfying the climate commies.

Mainstream Australia has dutifully:

  • doubled our electricity bills
  • forked out $28 billion taxpayer dollars on clean energy
  • vandalised our grid with unreliable renewables
  • and closed 12 coal-fired power stations in 7 years.

Enough is enough.

You can take a stand against Extinction Rebellion today – by adding your name to the growing chorus of Australians calling for tougher penalties for anarchists.

Together, we can push back on those championing an economic crisis to rival the Great Depression.


Make your voice heard!

To all Australian state and territory governments,

Extinction Rebellion have proved a menace to society.

Gluing themselves to our roads, rioting in our streets, causing mass disruption.

They’re squandering the resources of our police forces in a bid to strongarm you into bending to their will: spending more taxpayer dollars on vandalizing our grid with more unreliable renewables.

I’ve had a gutful of protestors getting away with a slap on the wrist.

I call on you to legislate for tougher penalties for these anarchists.


15,000 signatures
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