Corporate Australia loves Mardi Gras more than Christmas or Australia Day

Corporate Australia has its priorities back to front.

What event have our CEOs celebrated the most over the last few years?

Australia Day?

No. Remember, the corporates think the country they profit off is racist etc…


No. You can’t celebrate Christmas these days. The woke activists would say that’s white supremacy and Anglo-centric (even though the average Christian in the 21st century is an impoverished African). 

Anzac Day?

No. As former ABC bugle Yassmin Abdel-Magied said about Anzac Day a few years ago: "LEST. WE. FORGET. (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine …)". In other words, veterans aren’t worth celebrating and commemorating.

It turns out that the NUMBER ONE event on the calendar of Australia’s CEOs and corporate hacks is…World Pride.


That’s right.

Go into any office in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra or Adelaide at the moment, and you’ll see rainbow flags draped on every bloody wall and flagpole.

Go into any train station in the Sydney CBD and you’ll be bombarded with rainbow flags and pictures of Drag Queens advertising rainbow-flavoured condoms.

Walk down to the Sydney Opera House, and you’ll see what looks like a giant rainbow coloured stack of plates.

Walk down any major street and you’ll see numpties wearing their rainbow coloured lanyards or rainbow pins.

Log onto LinkedIn and see every corporate hack and his dog prancing on camera to music in solidarity with “World Pride”.

They have literally closed roads in Sydney CBD to paint rainbows on them and are planning on shutting down the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This stuff is just out of control.

We should have other bloody priorities at the moment!

Think about it for a second.

We are in the middle of a cost of living crisis.

Australians can’t pay their mortgages.

Families can’t put food on the table.

Pensioners will be choosing between eating and putting on the heater this winter thanks to the net zero lunacy.

…and the only thing corporate Australia cares about is a Mardi Gras parade and Albo’s Voice to Parliament.

What is wrong with these people?