We successfully defended mainstream values and freedoms at the election, but now it’s time to “advance” the things that are really important.
Advance Aus Ltd

Our mission to protect, defend and advance mainstream values and freedoms while championing the institutions which strengthen the Australian way of life, involves many moving parts and a multifaceted strategy.

Part of our strategy is to bring together like-minded Australians. Through bringing people together we increase engagement and develop stronger relationships to take on left-wing activists and the elites.

As mainstream Australians, we’re stronger in protecting our values and freedoms when we raise our voice and lead from the front.

Advance Australia has become a key sponsor of the inaugural Australian - Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Sydney from 9-11 August, 2019.

CPAC is the premier conference of the American Conservative Union (ACU) and this is the first time the organisation has held its premier event outside America. This is truly a historic event which will continue to grow and become an important fixture for mainstream Australians for years to come.

Guest speakers and personalities include:

  • Mr Nigel Farage - Leader of the UK Brexit Party
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro – US Fox News Host & Author
  • Matt Schlapp – CPAC Host & Chairman
  • Janet Albrechtsen – IPA Chairman & Columnist
  • Mark Latham MLC – NSW Leader of One Nation
  • The Hon. John Anderson – Fmr Deputy Prime Minister
  • Senator Amanda Stoker – QLD LNP Senator
  • Cr Jacinta Price – Alice Springs Town Councillor

and many more.

The issues of freedom of speech and religion, raids on your superannuation, Australia’s energy price crisis, the growth of political correctness, radical gender politics and virtual signalling will all be addressed across the weekend.

The CPAC Australia Conference is being held in Sydney from 9-11 August 2019, at Rydges World Square.

Importantly, as a member of Advance Australia and due to our sponsorship of the conference, we have secured discounted ticket prices for Advance Australia members and supporters.

As an added bonus, on Sunday 11 August at the Conference, the Leadership Institute, the pre-eminent training organisation in America, committed to mainstream values and freedoms will be conducting a campaign bootcamp aimed at ‘taking on left-wing activists’.

To learn more about CPAC Australia you can visit https://cpacaustralia.org/

To be part of history and attend the inaugural CPAC Australia Conference - you can book your ticket at https://cpacaustralia.org/registration/

I’ll be in Sydney for the conference with our small team as we spread the word about Advance Australia and our critical mission. I hope to see you there.

Yours sincerely,

Gerard Benedet | National Director
Advance Australia

Authorised by Gerard Benedet for Advance Aus Ltd, 9A/204 Alice Street, Brisbane QLD 4000