Creating Economic Opportunity

Australians have always valued a competitive, open and growing economy that provides the best opportunity for individuals and small businesses to get ahead. It’s the essence of a fair go.

Well-functioning, subsidy-free markets that encourage enterprise and facilitate the human dignity of work are essential for the future of our nation.

As a nation with a high standard of living we can’t afford an economy weighed down by high costs like gas, electricity and water.

It’s not about complicated economics. It’s about individual advancement, stronger communities and a higher standard of living. Because when we all do well, we can afford to spend more on the things like our hospitals, schools, aged care, roads and improving our environment.

The fact is, you don’t get a growing economy by running up debt, distorting markets with subsidies, increasing taxes or strangling businesses with red tape. And many of us remember just how tough it was when interest rates went through the roof in the early 90’s.

Yet after the global financial crisis, with a sustained period of historically low interest rates and a steadily growing economy, not everyone in Australia has benefited. For many, wages have stagnated while electricity, gas and other utility bills have skyrocketed.

Our leaders, of all persuasions, haven’t done enough to ensure that economic opportunity flows through to our regions and towns.

Meanwhile, those who have worked hard and managed to provide for their own retirement are being hit by constant taxes and changes to superannuation, this is unfair.

Left-wing activists think the answer lies in higher taxes, larger subsidies, more handouts and bigger government. That means mainstream Australians like you and I get squeezed even more, making it tougher again for families and individuals to get ahead.

As an example Australians are being robbed of cheaper energy prices because of a noisy left-wing campaigns to demonise natural resources like coal and gas.

Advance Australia will champion policies that create jobs and economic opportunities for hard-working Australians. In the interest of a fair go, we will campaign against new taxes, changes to superannuation and wasteful spending that makes governments bigger and taxpayers poorer.

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