Help spread the word about Labor’s dangerous superannuation plan

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Help spread the word about Labor’s dangerous superannuation plan

When it comes to planning your retirement, you need certainty on key issues including:

How much money will I need in my super?

How long before I can retire? And

Are politicians going to tax me more?

Having certainty means you can plan for your future with confidence.

So when politicians keep re-writing superannuation laws, all of a sudden, it suddenly makes your hard-earned retirement less certain.

As you know, once again, politicians are seeking to move the goalposts on superannuation.

Bill Shorten’s proposed changes will mean that many self-funded retirees will need an extra 9% in their superannuation fund in order to retire with the same income.

You’ve already told Bill Shorten that this change is not on. But millions of Australians still don’t know about this threat to their super – and they don’t know that their financial future is at stake.

Australians need certainty to plan for a secure retirement. Please, give generously today to ensure that others like you are aware of the threat, and can stand up against Labor’s dangerous plan.

We need as many people as possible to tell Labor ‘hands off my super’!