Donations Policy

Current as at 13/11/2018


Advance Australia is a not for profit, independent community organisation who campaigns to ensure mainstream values and freedoms are protected, defended and advanced.

We want an Australia which is strong, safe and free.

Advance Australia is your voice for a fair go. To amplify your voice, we raise money through donations to pay for things like advertising, digital content, research, billboards, print advertisements and data. We accept donations from mainstream Australians who share our beliefs.

We are driven by you, not business, a union, a religious organisation or any other community organisation. We are not a political party and are not aligned to any – we are truly independent.

We are not a charity and we don’t want or accept funding from any government.

When you support Advance Australia you're empowering millions of Australians who agree with us, on vital issues like stamping out political correctness, protecting freedom of speech, religion and association, creating economic opportunity and restoring a fair go and family values.

Your donation makes our movement stronger and enhances Australia’s democracy now and for future generations. We believe that every Australian should have their say, not just elites or left wing-activists.


Advance Australia is deeply committed to the rule of law, together with enabling greater democratic participation via donations from everyday Australians.

Wait, there are some individuals (like people who aren’t Australian citizens) and businesses from who we don’t accept donations due to our principals, mission and core values, together with electoral laws across the country.

As a registered Political Campaigner, we are obliged to disclose cumulative donations to Advance Australia of $13,800 or more in a financial year to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) under the Commonwealth Electoral Act. The AEC will publish these reports on their website.

At this time, Advance Australia does not run any campaigns at a state or local government level.