Ensuring a Safe and Secure Nation

Australia has always played a role in global security and stability.

In fact, with our incredibly professional, skilled and brave Defence Force, we’ve always punched well above our weight. Our servicemen and women do our nation proud in conflicts and peacekeeping missions in our region and around the world.

Of course, a safer world means a safer Australia. History has shown the great value of our strategic alliances – whether with Britain, the US or Israel. But we also know that our nation is made more secure by maintaining our strong sovereignty and actively defending our borders.

Security and safety extends beyond our Defence Force and our local law enforcement. It’s about ensuring a single legal system, respecting the rule of law, and creating strong, cohesive communities.

Migrants have made a huge contribution to our nation. We must be able to determine our own destiny regarding our borders and who we welcome to Australia and the expectations we have of them.

Radical left-wing activists regularly trash our traditions and call for open borders. This approach makes us more vulnerable and much less secure. We cannot stand by when left-wing activists rewrite Australian history, downplay our western Judeo-Christian heritage, and undermine the very institutions that have built our nation.

It’s not by accident that radical left-wing activists mock patriotism, deface statues of Captain Cook, and disrespect our flag. It’s all part of their plan to hollow out our history and tell the current generation that they should be ashamed of our nation.

They also push for legalising illicit drugs, introducing more lenient sentencing and downgrading standards and values - which makes our communities much less safe for our families and seniors.

Advance Australia believes that our nation has a history to be proud of. We will not allow our sovereignty or the institutions that have built our nation to be undermined by elites and left-wing activists. We are a common sense voice to keep our nation safe and secure.

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