Advance Australia members made a huge impact in the 2019 Federal election. Without their support and investment, the difference we made in marginal seats across the country would not have been possible.

We were able to expose GetUp! through our three-part documentary series, talk to millions of voters about the important issues for the future, generated millions of dollars in media exposure and put hundreds of thousands of letters in mailboxes. Our growing number of volunteers were seen and heard at key booths across the country. We also made sure that at this election, both major party leaders supported the current date of Australia Day as January 26th, and reminded them of the resounding victory of our campaign a few months prior.

Our support of mainstream candidates was key in their election victories, and made sure left-wing activists didn’t seize control of the Federal Government.

“The issue campaigns run by Advance Australia were spot on and helped convince voters of the risks of a Shorten Labor Government” – Hon Peter Dutton MP (Dickson)

"I was under attack from Labor, the Greens, the CFMMEU, the ACTU, the Education Union, the Nurses & Midwifery Union and GetUp. Advance Australia stood up for the silent majority of hard-working Australians & gave them a voice" - Nicolle Flint MP (Boothby)

“Our 2019 win owes much to Advance Australia and its forthright exposure of GetUp and the rest of the sneaky green left” – Hon Tony Abbott (Warringah)

But – our job is far from over.

Advance Australia is a permanent fixture in Australian politics advocating for a fair go for mainstream Australians like you and I. We’ll keep the pressure on the Government to honour their promises, and support mainstream Australian values and freedoms and campaign for a fair go.

Sign up today to join your voice for a fair go.

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