Fighting Political Correctness

Australians have had enough of political correctness.

Australians have never liked being forced into conformity and we don’t take kindly to mindless authority. It’s part of our larrikin nature. But over the last few years political correctness has been on steroids.

How often have you said to yourself “I can’t say that”, stifled a laugh at a joke, or wondered if you should have laughed at all?

We - mainstream Australians, believe in community expectations and standards. We don’t think the word “guys” is offensive or like that businesses tell their employees not to use the terms Mum and Dad any more. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, so we still laugh at the Irish man and his mates who walk into a bar, without fear of being branded an “ist” or “ism”.

Political correctness is one thing, but the culture of political correctness has given rise to the more insidious “identity and gender politics” – where people are increasingly divided and pitted against each other along racial, sexual and gender lines.

Elites and left wing activists have narrowed the word “correctness” to fit their world view.

And in their world mainstream culture and traditional families are frowned upon, sexuality is brandished as identity, gender can be fluid with over 40 different categories, and victimhood is a badge of honour as well as a free pass.

The scariest part is that left-wing activists are organised and determined in their march through our institutions. Their objective is to make sure that their world view is what our kids are taught in school and at University or Trade Colleges. They want people who share their views to be elected and appointed to positions of power to enshrine in rules and regulations their world view.

The path of unrestrained political correctness and gender politics is leading us away from an Australia that is free, open, inclusive and has a sense of humour.

Advance Australia will fight against political correctness and gender politics – they make our society more divided, more guarded and more restricted than ever before.

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