First the Voice, then the Treaty, then reparations…

Albo wants you to think the dangerous and divisive ‘Voice’ is just a feel-good virtue-signal that will make inner-city activists feel better about themselves … but the truth is hiding in plain sight.

And now the cat is out of the bag… the ‘Voice to Parliament’ is a TROJAN HORSE that threatens our democracy and would VANDALISE our Constitution.

We can’t make it any clearer.

The evidence keeps piling in.

Get this.

Greens leader Adam Bandt has just told the media he has received “guarantees on Sovereignty and funding to progress Treaty and Truth” from the Labor government.

In other words?

In exchange for Greens support of the Voice, Labor has promised to pursue a Treaty and give Indigenous Australians “Sovereignty” over land.

How would a Treaty work?

Well, New Zealand’s Treaty with the Māori means “the racial characteristics of each New Zealander influences who gets what say in managing national resources, making laws, and how laws should be applied,” according to the Institute of Public Affairs.

As a result, “New Zealand’s current constitutional arrangements are unfair, undemocratic, and politically divisive”.

Do you want that in Australia?

If no, vote “NO” for the Voice, and make sure your family and friends do too.

It doesn’t stop there.

Back in 2021, Albo said, “part of having a Voice to Parliament is to inform the processes as well, about Makarrata, about truth-telling, about treaty.”

Again, this is another admission that the Voice is not just an advisory body with symbolic power.

Instead, it is the first step in a total redesign of our democracy and constitution to disadvantage the average non-Indigenous voter because of their race.

…and, of course, the whole Labor party is on board.

Albo’s Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek, says the Voice will “establish a Makarrata Commission”, which will “have responsibility for Truth-telling and Treaty-making”.

Labor Senator Malarndirri McCarthy says her party “will deliver on a national process for Treaty-making and Truth-telling…and  empower First Nations people in caring for land and water.”

Read between the lines here.

Labor Senator Pat Dodson has made similar points.

Recently he said that “to have a treaty, you have to have a voice, you have to have an entity, you have to have a group of people that have a standing or that … have credibility.”

The short point?

The Voice is just the first step.

Next will be a Treaty that will redistribute land, money and power to Indigenous activists.

Then it will be a Truth Telling Commission that will demonise Australia as a nation and indoctrinate our children.

You know what will be next … a change to the Aussie flag … another change to the anthem.

Or maybe compulsory welcome to country ceremonies before any public event?

The removal of every statue of Captain James Cook?

The list goes on…

Time to say ENOUGH.