Forget the cost-of-living crisis: Big Banks care more about the Voice

There is NOTHING worse than a woke corporate hack.

They’re bloody everywhere.  

These days, you can’t walk through any Australian CBD without seeing some banker, consultant or “expert” strolling around with his rainbow LGBTQIA+2 lanyard.

You can’t go to a board meeting without some numpty giving a “welcome to country” acknowledgement.

You can’t read an annual report without seeing a pathetic “net zero” policy that involves buying mostly fraudulent carbon credits issued by other corporate spiv – of course, the cost of which is passed onto the consumer.

You can’t enjoy Australia Day as an employee at any bank or consulting firm without some hack sending you an email saying “you don’t have to work on Australia Day” because “First Nations culture blah blah blah etc.”

…and you can’t express any centre-right political position without being branded a right-wing nutjob around the watercooler.

National Australia Bank (NAB) is the worst culprit.  

Cop this.

Recently, ADVANCE was tipped off to a release by NAB on their support for Albo’s plan to destroy our Constitution with a Voice to Parliament.

NAB – which has passed on every single interest rate rise in full even though it made a record amount of profit last year – said it:

Supports an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and acknowledges Australia’s First Nations people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and their continuing connection to country, sea and water. We pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.”

The bank – which raked in a cool $6.89 billion dollars in profits last year – said its “goal is to engage and inform our colleagues throughout the year on what a Voice to Parliament is, and how a vote to support constitutional change will close the many gaps of disadvantage between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.”

How kind of you, NAB…

Forget sharing some of your profits with remote Indigenous communities – many of which don’t even have access to clean drinking water, fresh food or electricity.

Forget calling out the domestic violence, substance abuse and rape epidemics in remote Indigenous communities – which would actually require some thinking, the facing of hard facts and serious work to solve.

All NAB will do is send a few emails and host a few air-conditioned functions in their CBD headquarters to discuss Albanese’s Voice – that will do nothing to help remote Indigenous communities.

And all NAB wants is to make themselves seem nice and progressive while screwing over mortgage holders by passing on rate hikes in full (while making record profits) and exposing depositors to a housing market that they’ve helped pump up to gargantuan and frankly un-Australian proportions.

This is the playbook of a woke corporate activist.

These people don’t actually care about Aboriginals.

Most of them probably don’t even believe in human-induced climate change.

All the woke rubbish is just a cover to distract us from the fact that they’re ruthless organisations that don’t serve the interests of this country and its people.

Wake up, Australia!

When companies like this support a policy like the Voice, you know it’s not something worth voting for…