It’s time to reopen Australia

Our nation of 25,674,576 people has just 1,034 cases of Wuhan virus.

It’s now unconscionable to keep Australia closed, economy in nosedive. 

The objective of the restrictions was to dodge the deadly curve – not to eradicate the virus.

It’s time to reopen Australia.

In the words of our PM, schools are “the obvious place for us to move back to normal as quickly as possible”. 

We now know allot more than we did when we took the drastic measure of closing schools.

Research comprehensively shows children are unlikely to transmit the virus between each other or to adults, and only 2.4% of infected patients in Australia have been children.

Which explains why Australia's Health Protection Principal Committee has not once wavered from its original recommendation that schools stay open.

Despite all this, the NSW Premier is ignoring the expert advice, needlessly depriving millions of Aussie kids of an education.

You can take action to reopen Australia today by writing to your premier, calling on her to reopen your schools.