The results are in:
Here's what you voted for...

The results are in:
Here's what you voted for...

Who we are

Since our launch in November 2018, over 45,000 people have joined our organisation, from right across the country!

Here's why some of our members joined:

My husband and I have each joined Advance Australia as we have no desire to live in a left wing socialist society. Also, we wish to fight back against all the politically correct left wing propaganda which is infiltrating our schools and universities."
Jenny from Noosa, QLD

I joined Advance Australia because my concerns are the same as theirs are. I can see our country going gradually down a path of eventual disaster if people of good values and common sense don’t do something about it."
Johann from Darling Point, NSW

Advance Australia offers an opportunity to fight back against increasingly well-organised, well-funded and hateful campaigners on the green-left."
Terrence from Mawson, ACT

It is a pleasure to support this growing organisation that has solid conservative values, who is not afraid of publicising those values and supporting those activists who fight for them. Go Advance Australia!"
Ted from Thrumster, NSW

Your Priorities

Reduce power prices & increase reliability

Stop politicians making detrimental changes to superannuation and retirement income

Defend free speech & freedom of religion

Protect Australia Day, Christmas, Easter & ANZAC Day

Stop the spread of radical gender theories in our schools and universities

Secure our borders & support offshore detention

Strategies which appealed to you the most

Expose and weaken left-wing activist organisations

Hold the Government & senior bureaucrats to account for their promises

Campaign on the issues that matter to mainstream Australians

Support Members of Parliament who support mainstream values & freedoms

Organise local chapters of Advance Australia members

Your Opinions

Concerned about radical gender theories being taught in schools

I don't like left-wing activists infiltrating our education system

I don't believe Australia's best days are ahead of us

Far too much political correctness in Australia

I believe that freedom of speech & religion are under serious threat

I don't think corporations should campaign on social issues

What's next

Advance Australia is only possible because of your support and dedication to protecting, defending and advancing mainstream values and freedoms. Thank you!

We do live in challenging times, where the silent majority is taken for granted and politicians continue to ignore the message you send from the ballot box. For example, Labor has still not dumped their franking credits policy, some within Labor blame their election loss on their inability to explain their climate policies not the policies themselves and the Greens are actively campaigning for the removal of gender from birth certificates across the country.

With free speech under constant challenge, universities and schools only teaching one view of the world, political correctness on the march, record high electricity prices and a lack of water infrastructure being built, there is plenty of work to do.

Because of failures in the past, our movement has learnt an important lesson, that winning once is not enough - we must keep on winning.

I can assure you we’ll continue to be your voice for a fair go so that winning becomes a part of our DNA.

In just nine months our movement has already achieved a number of successes. We got both Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison to commit to not changing Australia Day in this term of Parliament, we waged a successful campaign to protect the retirement incomes of over 1.1 million retirees and we helped seven out of the eight mainstream Members of Parliament retain their seats against attacks from GetUp! and other left-wing organisations.

We could not have done it without you.

We’ve established a small office in Brisbane with three staff and we campaign 365 days of the year, to protect, defend and advance mainstream values and freedoms.

To preserve what our great nation offers, we must champion changes which protect the Australian way of life.

Making change happen isn’t easy but with your help we’ll put your priorities and opinions into action.

With trust in politicians in free fall and political parties stuck between eras, more and more Australians are keen to have their say on the issues that matter most. We are determined to give them a home and a voice.

We’ve clearly demonstrated that you don’t have to be a political party to take action and have an impact.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll ramp up our campaigns, push out more petitions, ask you to take action and raise more funds to advertise our campaigns and educate the broader public to gain further support.

I recently wrote to you about a lack of vision. Our nation needs a vision for the future, that’s where your opinions and priorities from this survey will help shape Australia’s next chapter.

This is an exciting time. This is a first for our movement, as we campaign everyday - outside an election campaign, for mainstream values and freedoms.

Again, thank you for your support and here’s to our exciting next chapter.

Gerard Benedet
Advance Australia

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