Protecting Personal Freedoms

The freedom to speak, think, associate with and believe what we want is essential to who we are as Australians and why our nation has been so successful.

In fact, personal freedoms are so fundamental to our western democracy that we often take them for granted. Things like free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of association.

The cold, hard reality is that our freedoms are under threat.

Ask yourself this: How free is speech when angry mobs shout down speakers they don’t agree with at University campuses or students are taken to court for having an opinion?

How free is speech when we can’t have civil public debates on important issues? When if we stray from what elites and bureaucrats consider “acceptable”, we can be subject to name calling, threats, and job losses?

Well it’s clearly not free at all. Especially when public speakers have to pay the police for protection from violent, angry left-wing activists.

How much religious freedom is there when left-wing activists think it’s OK to attack and restrict Christmas and Easter, yet defend more radical religious practices?

The fact is, our personal freedoms and liberties are being systematically eroded. Powerful elites and activists are dictating what we can say and what beliefs are acceptable. They use the highly subjective measure of “causing offence” as a weapon.

We think that our brave war veterans got it right in 1923 when they adopted the motto: “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”. They fought for our freedoms and we owe it to them to push back against ever-increasing political correctness  and socialism.

Recent generations of Aussies haven’t had to face the same direct threats to liberty and security as previous generations. So it’s understandable we’ve focused more on working hard and raising our families than worrying about external threats or politics.

But the “she’ll be right” attitude just won’t work anymore. Make no mistake – the threat to our way of life is very real and Australia is being changed forever. Having a voice is now more important than ever before.

Advance Australia is your voice for protecting the freedoms and way of life that have made Australia one of the most successful and peaceful democracies in the world.

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