Restoring a Fair Go & Family Values

A fair go means we all have the same opportunity to get ahead and those who are genuinely in need get assistance. That’s always been the Australian way.

However, there’s a big difference between equality of opportunity and the radical left-wing’s unworkable objective of equality of outcome.

You see this in the demand for quotas and in class-envy politics that casts suspicion on anyone who has worked hard and is doing well. It’s reflected in the trend of doing away with merit awards at school and in the call to abolish A to E report cards so that ranking becomes impossible. We’re not even allowed to keep score at our kids sporting matches anymore.

The problem with equality of outcome – where we all end up as exactly the same – is that it saps incentive and is inherently unfair to hardworking Aussies. It’s why socialism results in poverty and why communism has failed everywhere it’s been tried.

We all know that hard work and achievement should count. It should count for more than quotas, “rigged” outcomes, or social experiments.

Our sons and daughters deserve the same chance to succeed based on merit and the quality of their character.

In our families we teach our kids that being honest, working hard, looking out for each other, and being responsible are all important values. Integrity matters. We know these family values will help them grow to be decent and successful adults.

The truth is, when our values, our ethics and our integrity are founded on fairness, Australians do exceedingly well. But when personal responsibility is diminished and achievement is no longer prized or rewarded, when our integrity is lost and moral equivalence championed, there is no such thing as right and wrong, then community standards fall dramatically. And we are all the poorer for it.

Advance Australia will call out policies and ideas that are anti-merit and lack integrity, or downgrade family values. We do this so that everyone gets a fair go and our future generations know that values and standards matter.

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