I’m fighting for Australia Day!

The Voice isn’t just a minor advisory body: it’s a serious change to our entire system of Government.

The politicians and activists pushing the Voice keep hiding the details because when they talk about it they’re clear: everything is on the table, and you’ll be paying.

And that’s no clearer than what they plan to do with Australia Day.

Abolish it.

As referendum leader Teela Reid said, it’s never been “change the date”, it’s always been “abolish”!

And the Voice is how they’ll do it.

The best way to stand up for our national day is to stop the Voice.

To say No to their politics of division and racial separation.

Sign the petition now to pledge a resounding NO to their plans to abolish Australia Day.

Australia is a great country because it doesn’t matter if you became a citizen yesterday or if your family have been here for 60,000 years.

We’re all Australians with one vote and equality before the law.

We all get a fair go.

That’s why we celebrate Australia Day.

Because it’s good to be Australian.

But the divisive Voice strikes at the heart of our country.

By enshrining racial division in the Constitution through a Voice to Parliament, we would no longer be defined by our shared citizenship, but by racial differences.

And that means the end of Australia Day.

The architects of the Voice have said that’s what they want to do.

And there’s no reason not to take them at their word.

Give them the Voice, and they’ll use it to fight to abolish Australia Day.

That’s why I’m pledging my NO!

I am saying NO to the divisive Voice to Parliament because I am standing up for a country that’s one together, not two divided.

Goal: 25,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?