Save Free Speech

Like never before Free Speech is facing extinction in Australia.

We are at a crossroad. We either stand up and demand a fair go or we get trampled.

The Israel Folau case is just the latest in a long list of cases, where our right to free speech is being infringed upon by minority groups, elites, public policy and virtue signalling organisations.

Free Speech is vital to a well-functioning, free and democratic society.

Rugby Australia want to sack Israel Folau because he quoted the bible.

This is not about whether we or anyone else for that matter agrees with what Israel said, we need to defend his right to say it and quote a book – in this instance the Bible.

With your help, we can draw a line in and sand and stand up for Free Speech.

Apart from helping to defend Free Speech and Israel Folau we would like to ask a couple of the Australian Rugby Union Board members a few questions.

The first is to Dr Brett Robinson, the Deputy Chairman of the Australian Rugby Union…

'Dear Dr Robinson

As Chairman of the Board of a Christian College of the Uniting Church of Australia (King’s College) within the University of Queensland, how do you reconcile your position there with wanting to sack Israel Folau for quoting the bible?'

The second is for the Chairman of the Board of the Australian Rugby Union

'Dear Mr Clyne

How do you justify your close association and involvement with your former School which bases it teachings on the bible, the same Bible you want to sack Israel Folau for quoting?'

Cameron Clyne (Class of 1985) is a significant member of the St Dominic’s College community, source:  St Dominic’s website.

We’ll be seeking answers from Dr Robinson and Mr Clyne over the coming days, please sign our petition to show your support for Free Speech and Israel Folau’s right to quote a book, without losing his job.

To have your say, we encourage you to contact Australia Rugby on (02) 8005 5555 and tell them not to sack or force Israel Folau out of Australian Rugby. Given the emotion involved, it’s always best to make our point politely.


Free Speech is vital to our well-functioning democracy.

The right to free speech, in a western civilisation is one of the central tenents which sets us apart from regimes like China, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.

Australians support the right to free speech and to agree or disagree with a person speech. Importantly, we believe in the right of any Australian to have free speech.

Minority Groups, elites, public policy and virtue signalling organisations are trying to undermine our right to free speech, culture and our traditions.

Australians should be proud of our country and our right to free speech.


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