Scott Morrison and the Nationals have sold out Australia for nothing

Not only has the Prime Minister turned his back on the millions of Australians who voted for him by committing to net zero, he could also be one of the worst negotiators this country has ever had in the Lodge.

The numbers speak for themselves.

  • Australia has already cut emissions by a staggering 49 per cent per capita since 1990.
  • We have added more renewable energy per capita than any other nation.
  • We are the world’s largest exporter of coking and thermal coal with the highest calorific values, lowest sulphur content and best management of fly ash.
  • Our CO2 emissions per capita are 17.1 tonnes. There are 30 hectares of forest and 74 hectares of grassland for every Australian, and each hectare annually sequesters about one tonne of CO2 by photosynthesis. Therefore, on the continental Australian landmass, we remove more than three times the amount of CO2 we emit, just by natural sequestration.
  • 50 per cent of our export revenue comes from mining, meaning other countries with less regulation, environmental standards and expertise don’t have to mine.
  • We are the world’s second largest exporter of uranium – allowing nations like the United States to produce emissions free baseload power in their nuclear reactors.
  • Our farmers manage 60 per cent of the Australian subcontinent and yet it remains a net-carbon sink, unlike the vast majority of the world.

All while:

  • Our droughts are not getting worse. According to Professor Andy Pitman from UNSW, “as far as the climate scientists know, there is no link between climate change and drought…there is no reason a priori why climate change should make the landscape more arid.”

  • Foliage has increased by some five to 10 per cent given the 14 per cent increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration during the study period as concluded by the CSIRO.

  • The Great Barrier Reef is not dying.

  • Sea levels have been rising in Australia for 20,000 years and there hasn’t been any significant trend over the last 200 years.

  • Australia’s bushfires are not getting worse because of rising temperatures or increased carbon dioxide emissions, but because green councils and state governments are locking up millions of hectares of bush to ironically “protect the environment”.

What does Australia get in return?

Thanks for nothing, Scott!