Show your support for Australia Day

There’s no doubt about it. 2020 was a tough year.  

We endured bushfires, lockdowns and economic turbulence as a result of the Covid pandemic, disrupting almost every aspect of our lives.  

Australia Day is an opportunity to celebrate everything that is great about this nation.  

That’s why I’m asking you to take the Aussie pledge.

You and I have an opportunity to send a message to those who want to make Australians feel ashamed or embarrassed about who we are; to stand up for Australia Day on January 26, for a country that is strong and independent. And for a country that defends free speech and a fair go for everyone.  

Please sign the pledge, and make your voice heard.

Make your voice heard!

I support Australia Day on January 26 as a proud day to celebrate the greatest country on Earth.

I support encouraging all Australians to come together and celebrate our successes as a nation.

I support free speech, a fair go, and a strong & independent Australia.

30,000 signatures
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