Send a message today to protect the integrity of our democracy

When Australians are faced with an issue as important as a constitutional referendum, defending our democracy is crucial.

We all get one vote and it’s up to us to decide how to use it.

But big, woke companies are getting involved and are damaging the integrity of our system.

By openly supporting and donating to something contentious and divisive like the Voice to Parliament, Wesfarmers is harming the principles of free debate.

Big corporations should back off and let voters decide for themselves how they want to vote.

Instead of taking virtue-signalling stands, they should stick to satisfying their shareholders and leaving the rest of us alone.

Contact the board and executives of Wesfarmers today to tell them to get their noses out of our democratic system and leave the voting to us.

Please be respectful, but don’t be afraid of being direct.

Grateful for you,

Matthew Sheahan
Executive Director, ADVANCE