Why Us?

Advance Australia is an independent movement, powered by people just like you. We give mainstream Australians a real voice – a voice to create real change - a voice for a fair go.

Our mission is simple: to protect, defend and advance mainstream values and freedoms while championing the institutions which strengthen the Australian way of life. 

Over the last decade things have changed – and not for the better.

We can feel it. We can see it. We can hear it - in our conversations, our communities and our public debate. It’s in what our kids are taught at school and how education standards continue to slide. It’s in how we are told to how to think, act and speak.

Australia’s cherished freedoms, institutions, traditions and way of life are being eroded.

The basics we take for granted - like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, family values and community ethics – have been replaced with the politics of race, class, culture, power, gender and victimhood.

It doesn’t feel right because it’s not mainstream progress. It’s being forced on us. A growing force of cultural elites, foreign money, union bosses and left-wing activists are dictating our political and social agenda.

“Politics as usual” is a phrase we hear a lot. It means even more power and influence for special interest groups at the expense of a voice for mainstream Australians. That’s not a fair go.

While we’re working hard and raising our families, these special interest groups have embraced new digital technology and operate on massive budgets to influence public opinion. The left wing activist group GetUp!, has an annual budget of over $10 million. Then there’s the Australia Institute, Greenpeace, The Wilderness Society, Australian Youth Climate Coalition and Antifa.

Put simply, we need a positive counter balance to these cashed-up and powerful forces.

Real change has to mean that we are advancing the values that matter to mainstream Australians - not left wing activists or elites.

Now more than ever, mainstream Australians need an independent non-partisan voice to advance the ideas and values that matter.

Advance Australia will advocate, campaign and be a commonsense force that our politicians and bureaucrats can’t ignore.

Advance Australia is not a political party or aligned to any political organisation, industry sector, business, religious organisation, or community group.  Our independence means we can speak freely. 

Advance Australia members are as diverse as our nation - plumbers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, small business owners, farmers, nurses, students, entrepreneurs, pensioners and retirees to name a few.

We share a common belief that mainstream values unite us. The values of protecting personal freedoms, standing up against political correctness, restoring merit and family values, creating greater economic opportunities and ensuring we are a safe and secure nation.

We will run professional and strategic campaigns across the country, on the issues that matter to our members by championing mainstream values and policies.

Joining is simple and free, sign up today.

Advance Australia's Advisory Council

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