The Australian Curriculum is under attack by radical bureaucrats and politicians

Sign the petition today to stop the radical bureaucrats and politicians from erasing history and brainwashing our kids.

Say NO to this proposed new curriculum that dumbs down maths, science, reading, civics and throws out the best of western culture, Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage and your mainstream values – and indoctrinates children to become political activists.

Petition to the Prime Minister and Federal Government:

I do not support the proposed plans to change the National Curriculum because this proposal will change the way we teach maths, science and reading, as well as history and civics in schools.

It will focus on woke identity politics while putting down Australia’s western cultural heritage as “racist” or “discriminatory”. Please reject this radical proposal. 

If Australian history and Judeo-Christian values like freedom of speech are being erased, how can we become the great nation we all dream of if we don’t know who we once were and learn from it?

I’m joining together with many other like-minded Australians to call for parliaments to stop our Australian heritage from being thrown away and to protect our children from being indoctrinated by radical bureaucrats and politicians.

So please shut down the review by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and scrap the proposed changes to the education curriculum. Thank you!

Goal: 23,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?