Let’s Advance Australia Together

We Advance Australia when mainstream values are at the core of our way of life. Australia has always been about a fair go. Sadly, our governments aren’t listening and powerful elites and left-wing activists currently dictate our future. In today’s politically correct world, if you and I stay silent we will continue to be ignored.

Join our movement today and be part of a strong, organised voice for mainstream Aussies.

Let’s Advance Australia together.

Why Us?

Make a Donation - Keep Australia Strong, Fair and Free

Mainstream values have been the bedrock of Australia’s growth as a western liberal democracy. Our forefathers’ steadfast pursuit of these values has brought us to where we are today – a strong, safe and free nation.  

But the Australia we know and love is under threat.

Advance Australia relies on donations from individuals like you to protect, defend and advance mainstream values and freedoms.

Our previously strong western democracy is suffering from weak leadership and the impact of left-wing activists who are determined to change our Australian way of life.

Together, we need to stand up for mainstream values because they make Australia strong, safe and free. 

You know how important it is to take action to hold fast to these values – but there are many Australians who aren’t sure what they can do to make sure their beloved country doesn’t succumb to rampant radicalism or political correctness.

Your gift today will help get the word out about Advance Australia and the many campaigns that forward-thinking people like you can participate in to protect your family, values and freedom.

Please give generously to keep our nation strong, fair and free.

Australia’s future depends on people like you.