You are making a difference!

Our campaigns put your voice front and centre, restoring the balance in Australia and re-centring our nation on mainstream values.

  • UNLOCK AUSTRALIA pushed the states to set a deadline on opening up when they were hell-bent on locking down during the pandemic.
  • After our ERASING HISTORY campaign, the federal government overruled the new woke school curriculum.
  • We've put the pressure on the ABC over its shocking bias with our campaign for an independent umpire.
  • HANDS OFF MY SUPER helped stopped Labor's retiree tax at the 2019 federal election.
  • ADVANCE has successfully defended attacks on our day of national pride with its SAVE AUSTRALIA DAY campaign.
  • Our PAYCUTS FOR POLLIES ads ran on every major Australian TV network, putting pressure on our leaders to take some of the medicine they have been dishing out with their lockdowns.
  • We stood up for ANZAC DAY when it came under attack from ABC commentators.

Throughout these campaigns, and so many others, ADVANCE supporters sent more than 50,000 emails to more than 520 politicians.

We've reached 24.1 million people on social media and millions of mainstream Australians have viewed our ADVANCE website to see our campaigns, check out our work and join in the fight for a fair go.