Give The Politicians A Pay Cut…

… Every Time They Send Us Into Lockdown!


Millions of Australians are hurting right now.

They are suffering because of decisions made by politicians and bureaucrats.

While millions of Aussies are out of work and wondering how they will put food on the table, the public servants in the ivory towers never feel the consequences of their actions.

It’s time the political elites felt the pain of their decisions.

Sign this petition today to the Prime Minister and the ‘National Cabinet’ demanding they take a pay cut every time they send us into lockdown.

They need to know what it feels like to suffer with the rest of us.

Only then will we truly ‘all be in this together’.

To Scott Morrison and the ‘National Cabinet’,

Who is paying for your lockdowns?

Families, small businesses, older Australians, school kids are all paying the price in cold hard cash, jobs lost, missed classes and deteriorating mental health.

Millions of people are suffering because of your decisions.

Meanwhile politicians and public servants who issue lockdown orders don’t lose a cent.

Enough is enough.

It is time you felt the consequences of your actions.

We demand change.

From now on, every time there is a lockdown anywhere in the country – every single politician and public servant should take a 10 per cent pay cut.

Whether you are a federal department head or a local council planning officer – we are either in this together or not.

The only exception? Hospital staff. That's it.

Goal: 45,000 SIGNATURES

Will you sign?