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One rule for them, one for you

They really do play by a different set of rules.

Who’s side is Albo on?

Talk about wrong priorities. You probably are aware of the debacle that is the High Court ruling that let 142 illegal immigrants – including convicted rapists and murderers – loose on the Australia...

Out of touch RBA boss thinks you’re doing just fine

Reserve Bank of Australia boss Michele Bullock reckons Australians are doing just fine.

Ministry of Truth laws to exempt political parties

Labor – the brains behind the ‘Mediscare’ campaign – are giving themselves an exemption from their Ministry of Truth misinformation laws, according to The Australian.

The Divisive Voice, in the words of Thomas Mayo

What is this Voice to Parliament really about?

The ABC’s staff walkout is a joke

The staff-led collective that is the ABC was at it again this week, walking out on the job because they “Stand with Stan” and “reject racism”.

We stand for Moira Deeming, you should too

Here’s a story that broke last year almost unnoticed.

Outrageous! Anne Aly's $825 Gucci belt a slap in the face for struggling constituents

When it comes to championing the cause of working Aussies, actions speak louder than words.