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Warning to Pat Cummins: leave politics out of our sport

ADVANCE and our 150,000+ supporters have some friendly advice for newly minted Australian cricket captain Pat Cummins: stay away from the politics and focus on your incredible bowling, mate!

“Modern Liberal” Julie Bishop plays petty factional politics over submarines

Yesterday, ADVANCE wrote about how “modern Liberal” Andrew Constance is the worst state Transport Minister in Australian history. Today, we’re taking aim at former Foreign Minister and avid Turnbul...

Our military is tiny compared to China’s

If Australia doesn’t get serious about its defence soon, we may as well hand the keys to Beijing before things get dirty.

Andrew Constance: the worst transport minister in Australian history

Career politician and NSW Transport Minister for over six years, Andrew Constance, is leaving state parliament and ADVANCE’s 150,000+ supporters couldn’t be happier.

Tell a vegan: eating avocado on toast is no better for the planet than eating a steak

Mainstream Aussies are bloody sick to death of militant vegans telling us to stop eating meat while quaffing down their fourth slice of avocado-on-toast at their local carbon-neutral trendy inner-c...

Islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans are growing, not shrinking

Since the early days of renowned English naturalist, geologist and biologist Charles Darwin, scientists have understood sea level rises don’t lead to the shrinking and/or growth of coral atolls.

GetUp demands ScoMo stop buying missiles so we can spend more on welfare

GetUp and their unhinged followers need to take a class in basic international relations.

Australia needs you front and centre

It’s time us Aussies who are fed up with rising energy prices, government overreach, compromised politicians, traitorous bureaucrats and politicised journalism took a page out of the green activist...

Jordan Peterson rejects climate crisis hype, wants cheap energy for the poor

Unlike our green politicians, journalists and corporate virtue-signallers, Professor Jordan Peterson uses logic and facts to prescribe policies to reduce poverty and improve the environment.