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Labor’s next generation are clueless, factional, city-based and woke

If you thought the Labor party of today was bad, wait until the new generation of Labor leaders take over.

WARNING: Labor is no longer the party of the worker

If the founders of the Labor Party were voting in tomorrow’s election, there’s no doubt they’d be putting Labor and the Greens last. Below are four historical examples that demonstrate why.

ELECTION 2022: The TWO clear options Australians face on Saturday

At tomorrow’s election, there is one clear option for voters and five potential outcomes.

Albo’s deputy Richard Marles supports the DUD French submarine deal

The would-be defence minister under an Albanese government, Richard Marles, just doesn’t get it.

Labor Premier McGowan says Peter Dutton is a ‘bigger threat’ to Australia than China

If you want to know what a Labor government would look like under Anthony Albanese, look no further than the People’s Republic of Western Australia under Emperor Mark MaoGowan.

Albo wants to shut our logging industry and lock up national parks

Labor under Each-Way Albo has been captured by green interests, and the latest evidence comes from his policy on foresting.

Each-Way Albo and Penny Wong want to OWN 40% of YOUR HOME

PM Scott Morrison is doing the RIGHT thing to let young Aussies use their OWN super savings to buy their first home.