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‘Modern Liberal’ Tim Wilson wants your super to fund renewable energy projects

‘Modern Liberal’ Tim Wilson – the bloke who proposed to his boyfriend on the floor of federal parliament – wants to use your retirement savings to fund his green fantasies.

How have we so monstrously failed our vulnerable veterans?

As ADVANCE has been saying for a while now, a country can be judged on how it treats its veterans, and unfortunately Australia is failing monstrously. Just ask the Goodwin family who appeared befor...

Labor to take a new carbon tax to the next election

For the increasingly unpopular Coalition, Anthony Albanese is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Dutton sees the military challenge ahead of us

While Labor and the Greens concentrate on net zero emissions and taxpayer funded gender reassignment surgery, Defence Minister Peter Dutton is working with our Indo-Pacific neighbours to push back ...

Australian Human Rights Commission admits solar panels made by slaves

For the first time in years, the Australian Human Rights Commission is actually standing up for human rights.

Australian cricket team buckles in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Cricket Australia has done it again.

UNLOCK AUSTRALIA: They’re hearing you loud and clear

Your voice is having a serious impact and all ADVANCE members should be proud!

Tony Abbott: ‘We need nuclear subs now’

As ADVANCE has said for years now, Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister we lost too soon and his recent speech to the Royal United Services Institute in London explains why:

The world is entering a ‘grand solar minimum’ that will cool the planet until the 2050s

The so-called “experts” keep getting it wrong.