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‘Their’ ABC lashes out to defend ‘Voice’ after Albo’s shocker week

Here’s a laugh: the ABC’s 7.30 Report is putting together what they think will be a hit piece on ADVANCE.

‘Fact checker’ botches ‘Voice’ facts: Are you surprised?

This is how so-called ‘fact checkers’ work: find a political point of view you disagree with and pretend it’s ‘wrong’ by quoting the opinions of your friends who also disagree.

The top backers of Albo’s Indigenous Voice? Teal-voting woke elites…

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Vale Senator Jim Molan, a true Aussie patriot

Australia copped a huge loss this week. Retired Major General turned Senator Jim Molan passed away after a long battle with cancer.

January 26 always was and always will be Australia Day

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hates Australia Day.

Australia’s wokest companies have cancelled Australia Day

Some of Australia’s biggest companies and high-flying CEOs hate Australia and all it stands for.

Labor takes first steps in Australia Day cancellation

Labor is already attacking Australia Day, and it isn’t even Christmas.

Beijing is preparing for war while Canberra worries about climate change

While Australia’s elites are busy backing Albo’s woke Indigenous Voice and working out how to cancel Australia Day, the Chinese Communist Party is preparing for war.

Pearson goes full toddler over Price’s Voice concerns

So this is how it’s going to be.