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Aussie business leader: Corporate Australia is too GUTLESS to reject woke activism

Opposition leader Peter Dutton is bang on the money when it comes to woke activism in corporate Australia.

Thousands of Aussies plunged into blackouts after renewables fail and prices skyrocket

For the last three years, we’ve told anyone who will listen that the rest of the world will go NUCLEAR because solar and wind energy CAN’T power an industrial economy due to its reliance on Mother ...

Wholesale power prices 825% higher in May 2022 than in 2015

The numbers are in, and the message couldn’t be clearer.

Two thirds of the ‘modern Liberals’ who KNIFED Tony Abbott are OUT

If there’s ONE thing the new leaders of the Coalition - Peter Dutton, Angus Taylor and Andrew Hastie - MUST learn from the last ten years of politics, it's that the party does BETTER when it doesn’...

Peter Dutton says Australia MUST consider nuclear power

It can’t get any clearer.

Dutton promises to crack down on woke teachers indoctrinating our kids

The good news keeps on rolling in!

Hastie is just what Australia needs to hold Labor and the Greens to account

Although the Each-Way Albo’s win two weeks ago is a serious concern for our national security, there IS a silver lining…

Top CEOs upset Dutton has belted their woke virtue-signalling

Corporate Australia is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC, and freshly minted opposition leader Peter Dutton has proven so in a most spectacular fashion.