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CCP-linked disinformation campaign says Aussies not ‘green’ enough

Whenever Peter Dutton or Andrew Hastie say Australia is on the brink of war with Beijing, Labor and their media allies berate them for fear mongering. But now they’ve got egg on their face…

Closure of six Aussie coal-fired power plants by 2030 will double power prices

The numbers are in, and the implications are terrifying.

Rugby removes Captain Cook from historic cup clash

Last week England’s Rugby Football Union and Rugby Australia announced they would rename the ‘Cook Cup’ to the ‘Ella-Mobbs Trophy’. that they say “is an outstanding representation of the Rugby hist...

Why on earth are the ABC giving CCP diplomats a tour of head office?

You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

PM Albanese tells Defence Force to examine ‘security threats’ of ‘climate crisis’

While hard working Aussie taxpayers struggle to put food on the table, each-way Anthony Albanese is throwing money around like a drunken sailor.

Australia has its COLDEST start to winter in decades

Even the climate hysterics at The Guardian have admitted it.

Greens leader ASHAMED of Aussie flag

It’s an indisputable fact: Greens leader Adam Bandt is the most UNAUSTRALIAN politician EVER voted into parliament, and it’s time he was turfed out on his backside.

International Swimming Federation says ‘women’s sport is not for men’

The good news keeps rolling in.

Blame woke, arrogant career politicians like Matt Kean for your SKYROCKETING energy bill

Make no mistake – the energy crisis Australia is facing has been caused by POLITICIANS, and it’s time the Australian people held them to account.