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‘We are one Australia’: Fair Australia Indigenous delegation demands to be heard in Canberra

A delegation of Aboriginal Australians have travelled to Canberra thanks to the Fair Australia (powered by ADVANCE) campaign, to ask the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader to hear their ‘no’ case...

The AEC’s anti-democratic ‘fact-checking’ disgrace

The Canberra politicians and the establishment media do not trust you.

The dangerous Voice is a shambles and it’s already dividing us

The Voice is a dangerous shambles which is already dividing Australians – that’s the lesson this week.

Broke woke banks a lesson for Aussie corporate virtue-signallers

Go woke and literally go broke. That’s the lesson for Aussie banks watching on as the US financial system sets itself on fire with diversity bingo.

Aussies to Canberra: Forget political grandstanding, fix cost of living

Forget the divisive Voice, Australians want one thing from their politicians right now: fix the cost of living crisis.

Power bills up after Albo’s promises cuts with ‘renewables’

Remember when Anthony Albanese and his mates told you they’d reduce your power bill by $275 per year?

The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated this country

Australia’s political class is asleep at the wheel.

Corporate Australia loves Mardi Gras more than Christmas or Australia Day

Corporate Australia has its priorities back to front.

Wayne Swan wants to tax your super while enjoying a $300k taxpayer-funded pension

Can our politicians be any more out-of-touch?