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Power bills up after Albo’s promises cuts with ‘renewables’

Remember when Anthony Albanese and his mates told you they’d reduce your power bill by $275 per year?

The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated this country

Australia’s political class is asleep at the wheel.

Corporate Australia loves Mardi Gras more than Christmas or Australia Day

Corporate Australia has its priorities back to front.

Wayne Swan wants to tax your super while enjoying a $300k taxpayer-funded pension

Can our politicians be any more out-of-touch?

Former PM Paul Keating: let’s ditch the US and side with China

If you’re not begging for “good and appropriate relations” with the CCP, former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating reckons you’re a “little American” who can’t think for himself.

Politicians care more about ‘Net Zero’ than the cost-of-living crisis

What’s the biggest issue in Australia at the moment?

ASIO: ‘senior people in this country believe foreign interference is no big deal’

Australia is in trouble and our elites couldn’t care less.

Elite’s ‘net zero’ policies to kill 138,000 jobs in NSW

The people of New South Wales will go to polls at the end of March and ‘net zero’ is all over the ballot paper like a rash.

The activist agenda has no answer to the cost-of-living crisis

Australia’s political class is more keen on pursuing a nation-destroying activist agenda – i.e., the Voice and “net zero” – than addressing the cost-of-living crisis that’s crushing families right ...