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Health bureaucrats fudge COVID hospitalisation figures

Australia’s state health bureaucrats and their buddies in the mainstream media are an absolute disgrace.

Top ten failures of the global climate cult in 2021

2021 may go down in history as the year that foretold the demise of the international climate cult. 

Green activists making millions taking irrigation water from farmers

Out of all the stories we’ve covered here at Advance, this one is pretty upsetting.

Thirteen charts that destroy the myth we need to reach net zero to save Earth

World renowned geologist Professor Ian Plimer’s new book “Green Murder” is a must read.

Paul Keating once said ‘the best migrant is the infant Australian’

On the 17th of March 1970, former Labor PM Paul Keating gave his maiden speech in Parliament. Below is an excerpt ADVANCE has transcribed. Note: if someone said this in Parliament today, he'd be la...

Labor under Each-Way Albo and Penny Wong no longer represents the working class

Although any Australian can open a history book and see how far the Labor Party has drifted from its roots over the past century, Each-Way Albo is still unsure why the ALP keeps bleeding votes.

A net-zero target will send Australia broke and make no difference to the climate

If there was a transparent referendum on net-zero emissions, Australians would overwhelmingly vote against it.

Top ten tantrums from the CCP in 2021 and how Aussies can tell Xi Jinping to rack off

The rhetoric coming out of the Chinese Communist Party throughout 2021 was unhinged to say the least.

Fossil fuels are NOT subsidised in Australia, only renewables are

Ignore the ABC, GetUp, the Greens, Twiggy Forrest and their gaggles of useful idiots. Fossil fuels are NOT subsidised in this country, and ADVANCE has the evidence to prove so.