The activist agenda has no answer to the cost-of-living crisis

Australia’s political class is more keen on pursuing a nation-destroying activist agenda – i.e., the Voice and “net zero” – than addressing the cost-of-living crisis that’s crushing families right across the country.

The City of Moreland – a local government area in Melbourne now called the City of Merri-bek – is the perfect example.

Cop this.

The politicians who run this local government are so obsessed with identity politics, they’ve stopped collecting rubbish.

Resident Jane Russo said weekly delays are now routine.

“Normally they would be picked up on a Wednesday morning, but now it just seems to be you leave them out until they get picked up,” she said.

Meanwhile, “our rates are going up,” according to another resident, Mary.

So, what’s the Council up to while household waste festers on the streets and residents struggle to pay their rates?

Well, last year, the Council spent an estimated $500,000 changing its name from the City of Moreland to the City of Merri-bek.

The Council said the change was necessary because the name Moreland was indirectly associated with a Jamaican plantation site that once had slaves. Instead, the Council argued, the city needed an Indigenous name.

You can’t make this stuff up…

Next, the Council has jumped on the climate bandwagon.

It is one of 3 out of 57 municipal jurisdictions in Australia to have a “fully aligned net zero by 2050 target that addresses both operational and community emissions”.

The Council has declared a “climate emergency”, as if anyone cares.

To reach carbon neutrality it has spent ratepayer money buying carbon credits off investment bankers.

It was the first council in Victoria to install an electric vehicle charger.

In 2021, it even demanded the government put a tax on coal to compensate taxpayers for its contribution to climate change, and endorsed the “Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative” – a campaign to create a treaty to stop fossil fuel exploration and expansion and phase-out existing production.

But Merri-bek Council is by no means an outlier.

We’re sure you agree that it’s become the same for all governments across Australia, including the Albanese government.

While Australians face the most severe cost-of-living crisis they’ve seen in decades, Albanese’s top priority is an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

While Australians struggle to pay their power bills, Labor’s priority is to build more solar and wind farms that have failed to bring down power prices since our coal generators started to age.

While Australians notice their grocery bills rise to levels they’ve never before seen, Labor continues to take water and land rights off our farmers and lock up more of our land as vermin-ridden national parks.

And while young Australians struggle to find a place to rent in our major cities, Albanese has committed to bringing hundreds of thousands of immigrants into this country a year – a decision that will only make it harder for our young people to find a place to live.

It’s just not fair.

But time is ticking.

It’s getting to the point now where Australians don’t trust any of our politicians.

They want new and fresh leadership.

They don’t buy pre-election promises and pathetic hand-wringing about climate change and the Voice, given their politicians stay silent on China’s 1000+ coal plants and the violence on remote Indigenous communities.

They don’t even buy anything the mainstream media hacks say anymore.

Maybe this is why so many Australians – 82,000 as of today – have pledged to say “NO” to Albo’s woke Voice to Parliament.

Time to join them if you haven’t already!