ADVANCE Action Team

Your country needs you right now.

You know the elites and extremists have gone too far and they’re not going to give up without a fight.

Every time you win, they come back harder…

So we need Australians willing to take action to put your voice front and centre.

ADVANCE is building a standing army of mainstream Aussies willing to take the next step to re-centre our nation.

The ADVANCE Action Team will be ready to strike when the time is right … it might be swarming polling places, it might be hitting the phones to talk to politicians, friends and neighbours, it might be taking to the streets in protest.

But it’s time they heard you loud and clear.

Are you ready:

  • To change the country with effective, boots-on-the-ground political action?
  • For your voice to be heard front and centre in the corridors of power?
  • To re-centre Australia on the mainstream values of freedom, security and prosperity?
  • For training in the most effective campaign strategies and tactics from around the world to make the elites sit up and take notice?

Are you ready to take the next step?

I'll take the next step »