Your Voice

In 2018, woke politicians and elitist activist groups were taking Aussies for a ride with their radical agenda, with everything from Australia Day to the Anzacs under attack.

You needed your voice front and centre, to fight their attempts to control how we live.

To restore the balance.

Out of that need, ADVANCE was born.


At ADVANCE, we’re an independent movement that lives for mainstream Australia.

We’re turning up the volume to give us the power to put your voice out front, so that together we’re heard.

We’re committed to living in a free, safe and prosperous society. And that means restoring the balance by removing the far-left’s control, so our nation’s centred once more on the founding freedoms of its mainstream values.

Because it’s time for Australia to ADVANCE again.


Our Beliefs

ADVANCE is your voice front and centre in the fight for mainstream Australian values:

Freedom – We believe Australia is a free country. But you wouldn’t know it from the way woke politicians and the inner city elites carry on. From attacks on Australia Day and the Anzacs by the ABC to the brutal pandemic lockdowns, ADVANCE has been fighting hard to keep their hands off your freedom to be Australian.

Security – We believe in an Australian military that has the people and the hardware to keep you safe. We believe in our men and women in uniform. While the elites forget about the threats of Islamic terrorism and the spectre of the aggressive Chinese Communist Party, ADVANCE fights for a defence force that’s fit for purpose.

Prosperity – We believe in making sure the politicians, banks and bureaucrats are on your side when you’re trying to get ahead. Mainstream Australia is under siege by stupid laws and woke ideologies like ‘net zero’ or a ‘retirement tax’, cooked up by elites that have no idea what it’s like to work for a living. ADVANCE is fighting back.