Together we have achieved so much!

Since 2018, ADVANCE has been building a movement putting mainstream Australians front and centre in the national debate.

For too long activists who don’t have your interests in mind have been setting the terms of debate in Australia and pushing their agenda without your approval.

But ADVANCE has fought hard to prove we can stop them getting their way.

In 2023, ADVANCE’s Fair Australia campaign won the Voice Constitutional Referendum, with a massive 60 per cent of Aussies voting ‘No”!

In five years ADVANCE has grown to have more than 300,000 supporters like you fighting for a fair go and mainstream Aussie values.

Our platforms reach literally millions of like-minded Aussies each and every week.

  • We’ve run ads on major television networks, taking our message into new spaces and to new audiences.

  • We’ve been uncompromising as we stand up for Aussies facing cost of living prices because of Net Zero.

  • We’ve stood steadfast in defence of freedom of speech and religion.

  • We’ve defended retirees and their hard-earned super from Labor’s retirement tax.

  • We killed the disastrous draft schools curriculum that would have dumbed down maths, science, reading, civics and thrown out the best of western culture, Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage and instead indoctrinated kids with Critical Race Theory.

  • We stopped Daniel Andrews’ power grab, took on the ABC and stood up to the climate extremists and their attempts to turn our children against us.

  • ADVANCE fought for the quiet Aussies struggling through disastrous, harmful lockdowns with its UNLOCK AUSTRALIA campaign.

  • We put the pressure on our leaders with the PAY CUTS FOR POLLIES campaign, calling for them to get a taste of their own medicine during the lockdowns.

  • We stood up to the attacks by Labor and the Greens on Australia Day, letting them know we’re proud to celebrate our great nation on January 26.

And after defeating the Voice to Parliament, we’re just getting started.

We know the elite interests that tried to divide our country in the referendum won’t give up. In fact, they’ll double down.

So ADVANCE is working harder than ever, with your support, to stand up for Australia and stand up for you.