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Here you will find tools and resources to equip yourself to speak up on mainstream Australian values so that balance can be restored and so that once again Australia is fair and free for all.


Five Reasons to Celebrate Australia Day

Australia Day is under attack. Labor, the Greens, the mainstream media, big business and woke local governments have a plan to cancel Australia’s national day. They say Australia Day should be called “invasion day”. They say Australians who celebrate Australia Day are “racists”. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

So here are top five reasons every Australian should celebrate Australia Day and stand up against the attacks from the extremists who hate our nation.

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Five Point Plan to Rebuild Australia

This eBook will help you understand the important ways Australia can be rebuilt, to industrialise and defend itself so we can be an independent nation manufacturing our own critical medicines, fuels and steel… for long-term prosperity and security.

Arm yourself with this vital information today!

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We Need Nuclear Power in Australia

Australia, it’s time to POWER UP and add nuclear to our energy mix. Not only is nuclear the cheapest energy for households and business, it’s also the cleanest: it’s still the only proven source of emissions-free baseload power. It’s a nation-building project the entire country can get behind. We need to call on politicians from across the divide to come together and get this done.

Equip yourself with the FACTS on Nuclear Energy!

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Activism via Education: 7 Ways The New Australian Curriculum Will Impact Your Kids

If you're like most parents, your children's education is one of your top priorities. But this new curriculum will make schools focus on First Nations culture while putting down demonising Australia's heritage as “racist” or “discriminatory”.

This will have an impact on what your kids learn in school about their own country.

Read this eBook so that you can protect the values and history of Australia from being erased by a new government agenda!

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