Politicians care more about ‘Net Zero’ than the cost-of-living crisis

What’s the biggest issue in Australia at the moment?

If you asked your local politician, bureaucrat or journalist, they’d say: climate change, enshrining Albo’s dangerous and divisive Voice in the Constitutions and banning gay conversion therapy.

But when you ask your average punter, they have one answer: cost-of-living.

…it’s hardly surprising to see why.

In less than a year, inflation has gone from record lows to record highs. Interest rates have gone from record lows to levels we haven’t seen in over a decade. Mortgage repayments have increased at a rate that hasn’t been seen since records began in 1959. 

The list goes on.

So, who’s the culprit?

Although it’s easy to point the finger at Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe, the real blame lies at the feet of our Canberra-based political establishment.

During the so-called COVID-19 pandemic, Australia printed a whopping $800 billion dollars out of thin air. 


Well, the Morrison government spent hundreds of billions on lockdowns, JobKeeper, bailouts for fatcat corporates like QANTAS’ Alan Joyce, and handouts for green energy scams.

The issue?

To finance this spending Australia couldn’t afford, the Reserve Bank had to print money – which has led to rapidly rising inflation.

It’s not rocket science.

When you print money to finance government spending we can’t afford, inflation rises. This is because when more money is chasing the same amount of goods, prices go up.

But our politicians keep the spending going as if there’d be no consequences.

On top of that, high power prices are driving up inflation.

Our politicians won’t build a new coal-fired power plant or legalise nuclear energy. They want us reliant on expensive, China-made wind turbines and solar panels that are dependent on the whims of Mother Nature.

Then there’s water and fertiliser.

Australia hasn’t built a big dam in decades and we import the vast majority of our fertilisers.

The same goes for fuel.

Over the last few years, most of Australia’s fuel refining capacity has shut down.

As a result, foreign fuel producers have us by the throat, meaning lowering prices is impossible.

The worst however has to be high rents and high house prices – an issue that has been created by governments refusing to open new land for development while at the same time bringing in hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year.

The short point?

Our politicians are in la-la land.

They spend their time virtue-signalling about ‘Net Zero’, hijacking our democratic system with a ‘Voice to Parliament’ and prancing around at Mardi Gras parades.

Meanwhile, the Australian people suffer through high inflation, high interest rates and an economy that can’t produce a piece of white paper, let alone some diesel.

What a joke…