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Ten reasons ‘green hydrogen’ will further increase power prices and destroy our manufacturing industries

Considering the propaganda circulating out there about “green hydrogen” at the moment, ADVANCE has put together a list of ten fundamental issues with the new technology that Energy Minister Angus T...

The myth of Santa Claus and how it embodies our anti-mining education system

A few months ago, ADVANCE quoted entrepreneur, geologist and chair of the Sydney Mining Club Julian Malnic:

Six steps to make Australia a manufacturing superpower

Australian manufacturing is key to preserving our sovereignty and prosperity. ADVANCE has put together six steps to bring it back.

Drew Pavlou’s new political party is standing up to the Chinese Communist Party

Twenty-two-year-old Drew Pavlou is doing something that has never been done in Australian politics.

IEA admits global coal demand will reach the highest level in history until 2024

When it comes to predictions made by the “experts”, always assume the opposite is true.

The Liberal's proposal for an Indigenous Voice is ‘a bureaucratic nightmare’

When it comes to an honest account of Aboriginal affairs, ADVANCE spokeswoman Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine are the ones to listen to.

Elitist wants ‘masks indoors for everyone two years and older’

COVID mania is back and it’s here to ruin Christmas.

Apple CEO Tim Cook sells out to China after signing $275b deal

Big tech CEOs are willing to compromise our national security and values to make a quick buck selling products to China’s upper middle class.

Radical feminists blame Aboriginal rape culture on the white man

For radical feminists, there is one cause of the astronomical rate of male Aboriginal violence against Aboriginal women: the white man.