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Wake up Albo, we need nuclear NOW

Whenever the Labor party is asked about nuclear energy, they recite the same old rubbish.

Albanese blames the Hawkesbury-Nepean floods on ‘climate change’

When you play politics your entire life, it must be hard to find the time to open up a history book or listen to experts who aren’t on the government grant gravy train.

Is a ‘treaty’ between Australians and Aboriginal Australians even possible?

Believe it or not, Victorian Premier Dictator Dan Andrews reckons he wants to sign a ‘treaty’ with Aboriginal people - and they have a law before the Victorian Parliament to establish a new bureauc...

Woke bureaucrats hand over $12.7 billion of YOUR money to green billionaires

Australia’s woke bureaucrats think they can get away with anything. It’s too difficult to sack them and politicians don’t have the guts to give them a pay cut, so they continue undermining this nat...

Victorian politicians treat themselves to pay rise while businesses go broke

It’s tax time, and like every year, the ATO is on our back chasing the money they say we owe them.

Albo vows to ease ‘world energy shortage’ while Aussies can’t afford to heat their homes

While pensioners can’t heat their homes and put food on the table as power prices skyrocket this winter, Albanese is in Europe trying to solve their own self-inflicted problems.

CCP-linked disinformation campaign says Aussies not ‘green’ enough

Whenever Peter Dutton or Andrew Hastie say Australia is on the brink of war with Beijing, Labor and their media allies berate them for fear mongering. But now they’ve got egg on their face…

Closure of six Aussie coal-fired power plants by 2030 will double power prices

The numbers are in, and the implications are terrifying.