Top barrister shreds the ABC/RMIT’s ‘fact check’ on ADVANCE

You have to ask yourself how they get away with this.

The Voice campaign has a wholly-owned, publicly-funded “fact checking” unit at RMIT, financially supported by the ABC, which it deploys like a police dog to shut down dissent.

How does it work?

Take a sensible and honestly-held opinion voiced by your political opponents – in our case, the fact that the Voice will confer special rights on one race of people – and pretend it’s “wrong” and “debunked” by spouting the contrary opinions of Voice activists.

That way, if you disagree with a claim made by your political opponents, you can now accuse them of peddling “misinformation” and call them a liar.

That’s what RMIT and the Voice activists did to ADVANCE in January.

But now, writing in The Australian on Saturday, top Sydney barrister Louise Clegg has shredded RMIT’s pathetic “fact check” on ADVANCE.

She reveals how days after ADVANCE’s campaign against the Voice kicked off, the Prime Minister’s Voice Constitutional Expert Group issued advice that the Voice does not confer “rights”, much less “special rights”.

“To justify this,” writes Clegg, “the expert group noted the voice doesn’t take away anyone else’s rights, and that all individuals and organisations can already provide advice to parliament and government.”

(So, rewriting the Constitution to create a body that represents just one race of people doesn’t create any special rights? Uh huh.)

That was all the ABC/RMIT “fact checking” unit needed to go to work on ADVANCE and its supporters, declaring: “The claim has been rejected by leading Australian legal and constitutional experts.”

But Clegg has issued a devastating response, destroying RMIT, the ABC, and Albo’s Constitutional Expert Group.

Well, what are the facts?

The voice proposal provides for a constitutionally mandated representative body, and privileged access for Indigenous people to make representations to the parliament and government on matters affecting Indigenous people.

The access will therefore extend not only to laws and policies specifically about Indigenous people, but to matters that affect all Australians: welfare, taxation, climate change, the environment, to name a few.

The four new sentences will be located in an entirely new chapter of the Constitution. Since Federation, no Australian referendum has ever proposed a new chapter in the Constitution.

As currently proposed, the voice will amount to a new group right in the Constitution. It will be exercised collectively and exclusively by Indigenous people.

So if one of the nation’s leading barrister’s agrees with ADVANCE’s claims, how can the “fact-checkers” claim they are debunked?

They can’t of course. But they will.

Because this is not about the facts – it’s about politics, pure and simple. It’s about one side of a debate making sure Australians don’t hear the other side of the debate, because it’s about winning.

Do yourself a favour and read Louise Clegg’s full debunk of the debunkers here.