Indigenous Australians deserve more than this

Have you heard the saying, “money doesn’t make you happy”?

There’s a reason it’s true.

In real life, you can’t just throw money at a problem and expect it to go away.

This is the exact truth the Albanese Government needs to get its head around when dealing with the problems affecting Indigenous Australians.

Indigenous Affairs Minister Linda Burney has just quietly announced that the government is to spend another $424 million dollars on measures to “Close the Gap”.

Of course, this is on top of the billions spent every year to do just that.

The catch?

Since the massive spending began a few decades ago, the situation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has gotten worse.

How does that work?

Why should taxpayers accept that their money is going on solving a problem, but the problem is only getting worse?

It’s not good enough, but while we keep making the same mistakes, we’ll get the same results.

There’s a reason Indigenous Australians themselves called welfare “sit down money” when it was first introduced in the mid-1970s by Gough Whitlam.

Forget creating jobs in regional and remote Australia.

Forget supporting families to remain strong, stable and together in the outback.

Forget cracking down on crime.

All Labor can come up with is to throw money at the problem and paper over the cracks with Welcome to Country ceremonies.

It’s just not good enough…

Don’t get us wrong.

It’s critical to our nation that our Indigenous brothers and sisters prosper and every Australian wants to see that happen.

But there has to be a change of tact.

The current approach is not working and Labor is doubling down.

No longer can we accept failed strategies for solving the issues that most impact Indigenous Australians.

We must have the government focus on law and order, creating jobs and strengthening families instead of throwing around more money and pursuing woke policies like the dangerous and divisive Voice.