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Greens candidate who ran against ScoMo paid $120k for child abuse material over 10 years

One wouldn’t want to scratch beneath the surface when it comes to the internal machinations of the Greens.

Australia’s supply chain at risk of collapse after closure of our only urea plant

Although it shouldn’t surprise anyone, billionaire mining magnate Andrew Forrest is making Christmas more expensive in the mad pursuit of his green dreams. 

Albo promises to pull 600,000 jobs from “renewable energy” thin air

On Sunday, Labor leader Anthony Albanese gave a speech outlining his “Plan for a Better Future” in anticipation of the upcoming federal election next year.

New Aussie Rhodes Scholar to study ‘intersectional gender equality’ at Oxford

The hearts and minds of the majority of young women in the Western world have been captured by Marxist identity politics and it’s hardly surprising to see why.

Australia used to be a manufacturing superpower, now we just import Chinese crap

Seventy three years ago this week, the first commercially held Holden rolled off the assembly line at Fishermans Bend in Port Melbourne.

Whitehaven Coal CEO says ‘there are no cheap pathways to net zero’

At a Sydney Mining Club event last week, CEO and Managing Director of Whitehaven Coal Paul Flynn shamelessly defended Australia’s world-leading high-quality coal trade.

Pirate Pete says ‘low-minded’ anti-lockdown protesters have no right to fly the Eureka flag

Pirate Peter FitzSimons’ latest comments are truly pathetic.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore to strip Sydney’s small businesses of their vote

City of Sydney Mayor Clover Moore, Labor and the Greens are working together to take the vote off 47,000 struggling small businesses, and the Liberals are nowhere to be seen.

Ten reasons to blame the Chinese Communist Party for COVID-19

Presbyterian Minister and author Mark Powell has penned a powerful article in Quadrant Magazine titled “Ten Reasons to blame the CCP for COVID”. The piece is so damning, ADVANCE thought it would be...