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Climate cult’s rubbery figures can’t hide the renewable energy truth

As Mark Twain said, “there are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”. Unsurprisingly to ADVANCE and our 160,000+ supporters, the climate cult are the worst offenders when it comes...

Peter Ridd: coral bleaching is natural and we’re not overfishing our waters

Dr Peter Ridd – an esteemed academic who got sacked from James Cook University for questioning dubious claims about the apparent destruction of the Great Barrier Reef – never stops speaking the tru...

Warragamba Dam wall raise on hold thanks to green bureaucrats and activists

One of the biggest issues facing Australia at the moment is our failure to develop new infrastructure, and the primary culprits are green bureaucrats, Aboriginal activists, weak politicians and the...

WA Premier McGowan to ban unvaccinated from hospitals, bars and cafes ‘for years to come’

New South Welshman turned Premier of Western Australian Mark MaoGowan could be the most detestable politician in Australian history.

Inflation is here: 80 per cent of all US dollars were printed in the last 22 months

There’s an unstoppable force that’s starting to take hold in the West and the technocrats running our bureaucracies, political parties and corporations appear oblivious.

Pirate Pete’s ‘constitutionally illiterate’ republic of the elites

Pirate Pete Fitzsimons – chairman of the Australian Republican Movement – doesn’t want to replace the monarchy. 

Taxpayers fork out $754,000 for the NSW government to change fonts

Australia’s public servants are out of control.

Barnaby Joyce: ‘We will fight for people in the mining and cattle industry’

Although he couldn’t be more unpopular in inner-Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane; Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the rural vote.

Cut immigration NOW, ScoMo: The people have spoken

The hacks in corporate Australia calling for a return to mass immigration are a fundamental threat to our national security.