We stand for Moira Deeming, you should too

Here’s a story that broke last year almost unnoticed.

Called “Porn stars, Playmates and the Liberal Party politicians”, it’s about the senior Victorian Liberal MPs and the sleazy accounts they followed on social media.

According to the Herald Sun, “Several senior party figures were following accounts of porn stars, lingerie models, Playboy Playmates and men who say that ‘modern feminism is a cancer’.”

David Davis, the shadow treasurer at the time, was following accounts like “Whores of Yore” and “Badass Boudoir”.

Then shadow ‘equality’ minister James Newbury was following the accounts of three bikini models on Instagram.

On and on it went, listing MPs and candidates and the raunchy social media accounts they followed.

“Who cares?” you might say.

Until you realise these are the same blokes who expelled firebrand MP Moira Deeming from their party room for standing up for women and against transgender ideology.

Until it hits you that this is the same party that insisted MP Renee Heath wasn’t welcome because of news reports about her father’s religious beliefs.

Boys will be boys, eh?

And they wonder why Aussie women are turning away from them in droves.

Honestly, what’s the point of the state Liberals?

Out in the suburbs of western Melbourne, where Moira Deeming lives, Victorians are struggling under the worst cost of living crisis in generations.

They didn’t engineer it, but they sure as hell are paying the price for it.

Rents, mortgages, groceries, power bills are all through the roof.

The absolute last thing they want is Dan Andrews and his ulra-leftist government force feeding their kids transgender ideology at school.

Moira Deeming knows this, and it’s why she was elected.

She’s a mum of four. She knows what’s happening in the suburbs of Melbourne.

She’s the very effective weapon deployed by her supporters to stand up against the absolute nonsense that says you can Choose Your Own Adventure with your biological sex.

She’s saying, “no, a woman is a woman … blokes don’t get to play women’s sport because they identify as female … women and girls have the right to exclude blokes pretending to be women from female-only public toilets and change rooms”.

It’s just common sense.

Up until five minutes ago, that is.

Now Moira Deeming has been expelled from the Liberal party room by Mr Badass Boudoir and his ilk.

Why? Because the moral cowards in the Victorian Liberals put politics above principle every single time.

In fact, they have no principles. They didn’t stand up for Victorians during COVID. They are scared witless by Dan Andrews. They won’t fight for mainstream Australian families or their values.

Victorian Liberal Leader John Pesutto’s vilification and now expulsion of Moira Deeming from the party room is an utter disgrace. 

Moira Deeming is a champion for women’s and children’s rights and a voice for the millions of Aussies who have absolutely had it with the gender-cult nonsense being rammed down our throats.

Pesutto accused Moira Deeming of “bringing discredit to the Parliamentary Party”.

No, mate, you’ve done that all yourself.

Here at ADVANCE, we stand with Moira Deeming. And against the Liberal Party weaklings who didn’t have her back.

Time for them to go.