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Ten most pathetic quotes from Malcolm Turnbull’s cringeworthy biography

Last night the author of this article was gifted miserable Malcolm Turnbull’s cringeworthy biography as a joke at a boozy Christmas party. Luckily for the buyer, the 700-page diatribe was on sale d...

Former Victorian Labor MP ally calls Dictator Dan a ‘Machiavellian mad king’

Rogue Victorian Labor MP turned independent Adem Somyurek is putting the heat on Dictator Dan and his minions, and if you haven’t been following his Twitter feed you may have missed it. Below are s...

Latham: ‘Stop using immigrants to fill labour shortages, scrap the dole’

Both Liberal and Labor have gone soft on dole bludgers and their only solution is to bring in more immigrants.

Urea and AdBlue shortage caused by UN goal to make shipping ‘net zero’

When Alan Jones first spoke out about the AdBlue shortage and the profound ramifications it could have for Australia, politicians were calling to ask him questions. Obviously, they were too busy po...

After making billions selling our resources to China, Forrest turns to green rent-seeking

In 2003, Twiggy Forrest’s company Anaconda Nickel was wound up after it sold shares to meet debt repayments following a delay in its mine and cost blow out.

Greenies, academics, unions and Aboriginal elders are now turning against wind farms

The only winners when it comes to industrial wind farms are the Green Barons who use taxpayer funds to profit off them.

Queensland energy to fall off a renewables debt cliff

The day will come when all the green lemmings will fall head-first off a cliff. The only question is: when?

Woke corporates at KPMG cancel Australia Day in the name of ‘inclusion’

If you love Australia, then you should boycott multinational management consulting firm KPMG.

Former Liberal loyalist: ‘the party is now controlled by green lobbyists and factional thugs’

Liberal party insider turned Liberal Democrats candidate John Ruddick is a man worth listening to when it comes to internal party politics in Australia.