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Albo’s Voice is a massive threat to our parliamentary democracy

The Albanese government couldn’t be any clearer: the “Voice to Parliament” is not just some feel-good virtue-signal that will make our Indigenous brothers and sisters feel more included.

Dopey Greens get high at work

We hope one day the Greens might start to worry about the people of Australia and not their own self-interest… but today is not that day.

Ryan vs Rugg, Champagne Socialist vs Real Socialist. Let them fight.

Here at ADVANCE we love nothing more than lefties fighting and boy have we been served up a tasty one this week, with an extra rich helping of hypocrisy to go with it.

Offshore wind farms are killing whales, crabs and birds. How green!

The hypocrisy of green activists is truly mind-blowing.

The hard lessons Victoria’s ‘voice’ can teach us about Albo’s referendum

Albo and the Labor party want you to think their referendum on the Voice to Parliament is just another woke virtue-signal.

Six reasons why hateful ‘invasion day’ protesters are WRONG

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.

They don’t hate Australia Day, they just hate Australia

The woke-left don’t just hate Australia Day. They hate Australia.

Everyone (except mainstream, hard-working Australians) hates Australia Day

It’s interesting, isn’t it? Pretty much everyone but ordinary, hard-working Australians hates Australia Day.

Zali Steggall: I’ll back Albo’s Indigenous Voice, even if Aussies say ‘no’

Is there a political outfit in this country more nauseating than the “teals”?