Dopey Greens get high at work

We hope one day the Greens might start to worry about the people of Australia and not their own self-interest… but today is not that day.

While cost of living skyrockets, energy prices go through the roof and Aussie towns turn into war zones, the Greens have decided to focus their attention on things that really (don’t) matter.

Like getting high.

According to the Greens website, Senator David Shoebridge (the Greens' justice spokesman and spliff king), “has obtained compelling constitutional law advice that provides a path forward for Federal Parliament to legalise cannabis for adult use across the country”.

The Daily Mail reports:

A new study has found that legalising cannabis in Australia could raise up to $28 billion in taxes over a decade and take money away from organised crime.

Never miss an opportunity to tax people, hey lads?

Shoeby reckons that $28 billion is “enough to build affordable homes for 280,000 people or raise Jobseeker by $80 a fortnight”.

Well that’s a nice little way to keep the base happy.

Let Green voting dole bludgers buy their weed legally, then tax it to fund – you guessed it – more dole money!

And to really get the lefties keen, the plan would mean they get to introduce some more bureaucracy!

The “Cannabis Australia National Agency (CANA) which would oversee the legalising of the sale and production of it through close regulation”.

Now look, that all sounds ok but what about the environment?

We thought the Greens worried about carbon emissions.

But in 2021 a team of sustainability researchers at Colorado State University found that the carbon footprint of cannabis is “surprisingly high”.

Cannabis grown in Southern California has the lowest emissions, at 143 pounds of carbon dioxide equivalent per ounce [28 grams] of dried cannabis, which is roughly equivalent to burning 7 gallons [32 litres] of gasoline [petrol].

That means that for the same amount of carbon emissions as one ounce of weed, you could fuel up and drive from Sydney to Canberra.

They might think $3 billion in taxes each year is a good thing, but what’s the real cost?

It’s time for the Greens to sort out their priorities – do you want to get high or save the planet?

It looks like you can’t do both.

But, maybe you could pull your heads in and maybe start actually working for the people you claim to care about.

Just an idea.